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Select Pokemon Cards Will Be Back For Sale At Target This Week

Looks like Pokemon trading card collectors are free to catch 'em all once again. Well, mostly.


After being pulled off the shelves nearly a month ago, Target is resuming the sale of Pokemon trading cards this week. The announcement was made June 2 via a tweet posted by the official AskTarget Twitter account, which stated "select" cards will now be sold "seven days per week and will have a limit of two items per guest per day." However, what "select" cards mean and when the sales will officially resume has yet to be confirmed.

This policy reversal comes after nearly all trading card sales were temporarily suspended back on May 14 due to rising safety concerns for both Target's guests and team members. These concerns emerged after a massive surge in the card game's popularity earlier this year resulted in an influx in buyers, scalpers, and reported clashes between the two. Target's decision to stop selling trading cards came less than a week after police responded to an assault directly related to card sales, in which a victim drew a gun on attackers trying to get their hands on his cards in a Target parking lot.

As of publishing, Target has yet to release an official statement on this policy reversal, leaving us unsure why the policy has been reversed, what "select" cards entails, and if this policy is nationwide or limited to select locations. In addition, there has been no news on whether MLB, NFL, and NBA cards will also be available for purchase once again.

Here's hoping all these upcoming Pokemon games (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond/Shining Pearl and Pokemon Legends Arceus) don't lead to more troubles for retailers.

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