Seinfeld Is Headed To Netflix

No Hulu for you.


The war for classic sitcoms on various streaming services pushes forward, and the latest pawn in this ridiculous game of internet chess is none other than Seinfeld. Netflix has announced that the Emmy-award winning series will be heading to its service in 2021.

Netflix revealed the news in a tweet on Monday that said: "Jerry & Elaine & George & Kramer & Netflix. All 180 episodes of the Emmy-Award winning Seinfeld are coming to Netflix--worldwide!--starting in 2012." Currently, Hulu has the streaming rights to the NBC sitcom, and you can watch it there.

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Two years is quite a bit away, so don't worry about getting that final binge-watch in before it leaves Hulu. You have plenty of time.

Seinfeld's move is just the latest news in a string of announcements about fan-favorite series headed to other streaming services. In the spring of 2020 Friends will leave Netflix and head to HBO Max, WarnerMedia's upcoming streaming service. In January 2021, The Office will leave Netflix and will land on NBC Universal's upcoming service.

In addition to Netflix losing those two series, they are and have been losing plenty of Disney content, including Star Wars and Marvel content for the Disney+ launch on November 12. With all of these new streaming services launching, news that an NBC series like Seinfeld is coming to Netflix--and not NBC Universal's service--is a big deal.

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