Sega's Ulala to Make Public Appearance in LA

Sega's Space Channel 5 homegrown celebrity, Ulala, will appear in Los Angeles.


Her name is Ulala, and she's trying pretty hard to give Lara Croft her exit cue. If you haven't heard of Ulala, she's a styled-up news reporter who stars in the Dreamcast game Space Channel 5, which pits players against a world brimming with alien invaders whom they must dance to death. The game was released this year in Japan on the crest of the dance/rhythm game craze and shipped recently in the US to an audience less versed in music/gimmick games but nonetheless enthused enough to at least look at them. Events such as Sega's public display of Ulala, which will take place on Thursday, June 22, are part of that Sega vehicle built to generate enthusiasm and nudge sales figures along in the US.

Ulala (or the real, human-girl version) will entertain the public and the press between 11:30am and 1:30pm at the Universal City Walk's Cinema Plaza in Los Angeles. The event will also feature a Ulala look-alike contest, a Sega wagon loaded with playable versions of Space Channel 5, and local radio station KROQ supplying personalities and music for the happening. No tickets or invites are necessary, just show up and bring your camera.

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