Sega's Strong TGS Showing

TOKYO - Sega has the strongest showing at the Tokyo Game Show - see our impressions.


TOKYO - Whether due to the PlayStation2's spectacularly drab software lineup or because of the apparent strength of Sega's own games, as well as those of its third-party developers, Sega appears to dominate this spring's Tokyo Game Show. Presenting a substantial show space that rivals SOA's last E3 setup, Sega of Japan showed that the recent launch of the PlayStation2 hasn't necessarily made Sega turn tail and run. In fact, this appears to be one of Sega's strongest showings in recent years, with high-profile titles like Phantasy Star Online, Grandia II, Eternal Arcadia, and Jet Set Radio leading the charge. Aside from these games, Sega featured a slew of Internet-compatible games (Sega Tetris, Dee Dee Planet, a network-compatible golf game, network horse racing, and others) on display, some new hardware (Dreameye), and more. The ambitious display of software was bolstered by third-party games like Power Stone 2, Marvel vs. Capcom 2, Rune Jade, and Cool Cool Toon. Sega even had a quite impressive virtual fish tank on display called Fish Life.

In other news, as part of Sega's and watch maker Swatch's bizarre alliance, a partnership that will result in products that will let players download games to a grossly oversized watch (think of a G-Shock on steroids), Sega displayed a kiosk featuring the hardware that will be used in this venture. While the concept is neat-o, this partnership deal might remain a novelty, as consumer interest is dialed in at "determined indifference." We'll have more as details emerge.

While there are a couple of days remaining in the TGS, from early indications, if any one developer/publisher is eligible for a "best of show" honor Sega is most certainly leading the pack. We have a comprehensive roster of hands-on impressions from practically every piece of Dreamcast software displayed. So if you're a Dreamcast owner and want to keep up with what's in the DC's future, check out our impressions.

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