Sega's NFL 2K1 Available Soon

NFL 2K1 to tackle gamers later this week.


Sega has started shipping its latest football game, NFL 2K1 for the Dreamcast. The game lets you compete over the Internet via SegaNet, the company's new ISP that promises high-speed and low-latency gaming. While the game was originally set to release on September 5, stores in the Bay Area don't expect to see the game until Thursday. Electronics Boutique lists the game for September 6 and claims the vendor pushed the date back. Sega representatives, however, told GameSpot News that the game is currently shipping and asserted that it will be in stores by Thursday at the latest.

Sega feels that NFL 2K1 is going to make industry history. You can compete against other gamers around the world, download current NFL rosters, and use a new power move and an all-new running game to get the ball into the end zone. The title supports up to eight players at a time, with four players at one location competing against four other players at another. Over 2000 new motion-captured animations have been added to the extensive library of moves seen in NFL 2K.

"NFL 2K1 and SegaNet offer gamers a whole new way to compete by connecting hundreds of sports enthusiasts everywhere in real-time competitions and giving them a place to play against each other, swap stories, and earn bragging rights," said Martha Hill, director of sports marketing for Sega of America. "The future of sports video gaming entertainment is about delivering the most realistic experience possible, and our combination of advanced graphics, new features, and online gameplay is the next best thing to being on the gridiron."

The game will be available for the Dreamcast for US$49.99. Be sure to check out our review of NFL 2K1 and our full, hands-on report on SegaNet later this week.

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