Sega's Dricas Site Opens Up

Sega's Japanese Dreamcast web-based service, Dricas, opens its doors to web surfers.


TOKYO - Sega's Dreamcast-dedicated web site quietly launched this week. If you are a Dreamcast owner, you can browse through a list of other Dreamcast owners on the Dream Map and you can send e-mail to virtual e-mail friends on MailChum!. Other services are likely to be unveiled as the system nears its Nov. 27 launch in Japan.

Due to the prelaunch status, currently there's a limited amount of information on the Web. Interestingly enough, one of the web pages states that - and there are no names mentioned yet - there are six launch titles (not just five as previously announced). Is it just a typo? Many believe so - and if it is, it'll likely get corrected soon. Dreamcast prepurchasers are eager to see more games at the system's launch and would be happy to see at least one more surprise title.

But the problem is that gamers aren't even sure they'll be able to get games. Last Friday, Sega informed official dealers how many systems it'll probably be able to ship for the launch day. As a result of reduced shipments, some gamers received phone calls from retailers saying that their reservation has been invalidated.

As of today, Sega couldn't say how many units of peripherals and games it can ship by the launch day. All the shop owners we spoke to admitted that they aren't sure when Sega will answer this question. Very likely, all factories producing Dreamcast-related hardware are now operating at full capacity. Of course, we will see them eventually, but the question is: when?

We'll keep you posted.

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