Sega's Crush flattens PSPs

Puzzler for PlayStation Portable switches between full 3D and 2D with the press of a button; Kuju-developed game coming this summer.


Crush (2007)

The move from 2D to 3D for platformers was a big step for gamers. However, the resurgence of retro games has proven that there's still enough room for both perspectives.

Now gamers can get the best of both worlds with Crush, a new PlayStation Portable game announced today by Sega. Currently in development at Kuju Brighton, the multidimensional puzzle game is expected to hit shelves this summer.

Gamers take the role of Dan, who is forced to undergo hypnosis for his insomnia. While under hypnosis, Dan must navigate a strange, dreamlike world to resolve his sleeping issues. Gamers will have the ability to "crush" the 3D world and flatten it into a 2D world, and vice versa, bringing distant platforms and objects together in the same plane. The effect of the game mechanic is to introduce puzzle-solving elements into the traditionally dexterity-driven platformer genre.

Crush has not yet been priced or rated.

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