Sega's $97 Million Dreamcast

The Dreamcast is obviously a hit as it nears the $100 million sales mark in its first 24-hours.


Sega of America announced that its new Dreamcast console, games and peripherals on sale at over 15,000 resellers has brought in over $97,904,618.09 ($97 million for all you mathematicians) in the first 24 hours since its launch in North America.

Currently, Sega is selling 18 titles for the next-generation console and the company plans on ramping up to over 40 titles by year's end. To say the Dreamcast has been a sales success appears to be an understatement as gamers lined up outside retailers for the system.

"We had recently announced an industry record of 300,000 pre-sales for North America, tripling the previous record held by Sony for its North American PlayStation launch in 1995, but we didn't know the launch would be this big," said Sega of America's senior vice president of sales, Chris Gilbert. "Our wildest expectations have been exceeded and we believe this is only the beginning of a phenomenally successful run for Sega Dreamcast."

This evening, Sega will be having a launch party here in San Francisco with an unannounced band. We'll report on the excitement Monday morning.

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