SegaNet Ironing out Difficulties

Overwhelming response to SegaNet caused minor problems for some users.


GameSpot has received a few complaints from Dreamcast owners saying that they were unable to log in to or play NFL 2K1 on Sega's new ISP. Several problems presented themselves, but Sega spokesperson Jennifer Walker told GameSpot News that the majority of the problems were simply due to the overwhelming volume of players that logged on at launch. Problems included the Dreamcast freezing up during NFL 2K1, the network freezing when gamers finished entering their information in the SegaNet sign-up form fields, and problems with e-mail servers.

Walker assured us that "Since the launch of the service, many of the technical difficulties have been cleared up." Nevertheless, Sega has set up its own IRC server for players to seek real-time answers to any technical problems they have. The IRC server address is Sega staff is present to provide support for gamers who log in to one of the various chat rooms.

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