Segalicious Sonic Shuffle Promotion

Bubblicious and Sega to introduce Sonic Sweepstakes and new gum flavor.


Sega and Bubblicious announced their partnership today, and they will introduce the company's new flavor, Savage Sour Apple. Sega will aid the promotion by contributing several prizes, including 100 Dreamcast systems, 1,000 copies of its new DC game Sonic Shuffle, and a grand prize that gives the winner a Dreamcast, a copy of the new Sonic game, a party with Sonic the Hedgehog and an as-of-yet unnamed extreme athlete, and free gum. As an added bonus, the winner will receive a personalized web site that highlights his or her party on for up to six months. Bubblicious is supporting the sweepstakes with counter units at convenience-store retailers and in-school posters.

The contest will run from August through December 2000. Sonic Shuffle for the Dreamcast will be released on November 14 for US$49.99.

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