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Sega Workers In Irvine, California Form Largest Multi-Department Union In Game Industry

The union has over 200 members.


The workers at Sega of America's Irvine office in California have announced it has elected to form a union--making it the largest multi-department union in the entire game industry.

The news comes from the official Allied Employees Guild Improving Sega (AEGIS) Twitter account, and it reads:

"WE WON! We just won our union election 91-26. Our 200+ member union is now the LARGEST multi-department union of organized workers in the ENTIRE gaming industry. So excited to celebrate this win & head to the bargaining table w/ @SEGA to continue building this company we love!"

The plan for Irvine Sega's office to unionize started in April. A union was formed because the current wages at Sega of America's Irvine are "below the industry average," there wasn't a clear path for promotions, and because of issues with benefits. In addition to that, a third of "long-time" workers at the office weren't receiving full-time status, paid time off, proper training, or bereavement leave. Sega has not voluntarily recognized the union.

"Throughout this process, we have maintained a high level of respect for our employees’ rights. We have provided factual information and answered your questions regarding what changes with a union," Sega of America said in a letter to its employees shared with GameSpot. "Our employees are a critical component of our success. While we believe that a direct relationship promotes a supportive environment, responsiveness, and a shared commitment, we respect our employees’ rights and maintain our legal commitment to the NLRB process."

The union aims to address its listed issues by raising the employees' pay, improving their benefits, allowing a clear path for advancements, having a balanced workload and schedules, and ensuring there are enough employees to avoid overworking.

AEGIS is just the latest union to form in the games industry. Earlier this year, QA workers at ZeniMax Studios unionized, and late last year, Call of Duty devs voted to form the first US Union at a major game company.

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