Sega Ventures Into "Lost" Territory

The new Model 3-based Jurassic Park arcade game looks to be one of Sega's hot arcade properties for 1997.


Landing soon in an arcade near you is the deluxe Model 3 arcade game, The Lost World: Jurassic Park.

Based on the Steven Spielberg blockbuster of the same name, players grab one of the game's two light guns and take on the dinosaurs of Site B. Players can go it alone or tackle the prehistoric beasts with a friend. The game brings all the mystery and suspense of the movie to game form with flying colors. Complete with a deluxe sit-down cabinet, gamers are sure to be thrown into the Jurassic Park experience as the environment of Site B surrounds them.

GameSpot News recently ran an article about Sega's newest addition to the Model 3 lineup. It read, in part:

Inside sources have pegged the upcoming movie-based game as a first-person gun game roughly along the lines of Virtua Cop 2 or House of the Dead, although many times more impressive even in its current half-finished state.

Early stages of the game place the character running in the hunter base and Ingen complex based at Site B or driving a jeep, while raptors leap at the player from all angles.

The first boss stage within the game is a Tyrannosaurus Rex, which players must battle from a moving jeep àla the first Jurassic Park film. The second boss character is a giant barasuchas (a crocodile-like dinosaur, but about 15 feet long), which lunges up at the player from the middle of a lake. Our sources commented that the game makes excellent use of cinematic cameras of the T-Rex lunging at the vehicle and that the water effects are amazingly realistic.

For those who don't remember the Model 3 arcade board, it's the hardware used for the graphically staggering Virtua Fighter 3 and the recently unveiled soccer title, Virtua Stryker 2.

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