Sega Vanquish-ing October 19

Publisher dates Shinji Mikami-directed sci-fi shooter, details GameStop-exclusive preorder weapons pack.



Resident Evil 4 director Shinji Mikami's first project with PlatinumGames has finally received a release date. Sega today announced an October 19 North American launch for Mikami's Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 shooter Vanquish, as well as a preorder promotion with specialty retailer GameStop.

The laser cannon is one of three weapons included in the GameStop preorder promotion.
The laser cannon is one of three weapons included in the GameStop preorder promotion.

Customers who preorder the title with GameStop will be given exclusive access to three new weapons in the form of a downloadable content update on the day of the game's launch. The three weapons include a more powerful and faster-firing machinegun, an armor-piercing pistol, and a laser cannon Sega says is the most powerful weapon players can use on foot.

A third-person shooter with an emphasis on action, Vanquish will follow a government-backed one-man army named Sam as he takes on robotic enemies in a world where an energy crisis has once again put the United States and Russia at odds. Unfortunately, this conflict isn't another Cold War, with hostilities started by the obliteration of San Francisco from an orbital laser cannon.

Vanquish is the last of four games that fall under a publishing deal PlatinumGames signed with Sega in 2008. Other titles released as part of the deal include Madworld, Bayonetta, and Infinite Space.

For more information, check out GameSpot's E3 preview of Vanquish.

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