Sega Storms Tokyo

Sega introduces two new Model 3 arcade games at a private showing in Tokyo.


Sega's Model 3 arcade games were the top Wednesday at a private showing in Tokyo of Sega's next line of arcade games. A total of 16 new titles were reportedly shown, including Print Club and stamp-dispensing machines. The three main draws were Sega's new Motor Raid, Le Mans 24, and Lost World arcade titles.

Motor Raid is a mix of Manx TT's racing action with CyberSled/Road Rash action and punch and kick buttons on the handles of your cycle. Multiplayer options spice up the battle, pitting two to eight players in a battle royale.

Le Mans 24 is Sega's newest racing title. The game also has a "free entry" system, meaning that more players can jump in to a race in progress at any point.

The picture of Motor Raid is courtesy of Teleparc Geisen.

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