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Sega Sports Summit 2001: Sega announces new sports games for the PS2

Sega announces its sports lineup for the PlayStation 2 for the next year.


At its Sega Sports Summit today in New York City, Sega announced two games for the PlayStation 2. Tennis 2K2 will be released for the PlayStation 2 in November, and NBA 2K2 will be released for the PS2 in March 2002. Sega also announced that College Basketball 2K2 will be released for all next-generation consoles sometime next year.

"The launch of multiple Sega Sports titles across all four platforms is a testament to Sega's immersive content and winning gameplay," said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America. "We've seen overwhelming support for our evolution from a hardware maker to a third-party publisher, and this acceptance by all platforms puts us clearly on the path to becoming the leading publisher in the industry. We are committed to making that goal a reality."

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