Sega Sports Summit 2001: Sega announces further GameCube support

Sega announces NBA 2K2 for the GameCube.


NCAA College Basketball 2K3

At its Sega Sports Summit in New York City today, Sega announced that its first sports game for the GameCube will be NBA 2K2. Scheduled for release in the spring of next year, NBA 2K2 for the GameCube will not include online support. No other titles for the GameCube were announced, but Sega stated that its entire 2K3 line would come to Nintendo's next-generation console sometime next year. Sega also announced that College Basketball 2K2 will be released for all next-generation consoles sometime next year.

"The launch of multiple Sega Sports titles across all four platforms is a testament to Sega's immersive content and winning gameplay," said Peter Moore, president and COO, Sega of America. "We've seen overwhelming support for our evolution from a hardware maker to a third-party publisher, and this acceptance by all platforms puts us clearly on the path to becoming the leading publisher in the industry. We are committed to making that goal a reality."

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