Sega spins Sonic charity drive

Proceeds from sales of iOS versions of the famous hedgehog's adventures going to the Red Cross this week; Football Manager signed up too.


The earthquake and tsunami that devastated much of Japan last week have already had an impact on games companies, and now, several firms have detailed their plans to help those caught up in the aftermath of the disaster.

Sonic's sales will be donated to charity.
Sonic's sales will be donated to charity.

Capcom announced yesterday that all Street Fighter IV iOS sales this week will go "to support earthquake relief activities" and that it would also donate ¥100 million ($1.2 million) to the cause.

Sega is also running a similar deal for a range of iOS titles. All Sonic titles on Apple's platform will see their prices reduced this week, and all their proceeds will be donated to the Red Cross. In the US, Sonic Spinball is being reduced to $0.99, Sonic 1 to $1.99, Sonic 2 to $2.99, and Sonic 4 to $3.99. In the UK, the titles are priced at 59p, £1.19, £1.79 and £2.39, respectively.

The firm also announced that proceeds this week for the iOS version of Football Manager Handheld, from UK studio Sports Interactive, would also go to the Red Cross.

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Before I knew this I downloaded Sonic 4. Glad I did when this was happening!

Avatar image for pokecharm

this is interesting considering I just saw something on CNN that says that Japan is getting less money, through donations over four days, than after the Haiti and Katrina disasters. It is nice to see that gaming companies are standing up, while others are not.

Avatar image for Flint247

I'm glad to see the game companies helping Japan. It feels good to see people helping each other. I hope to donate some money, too. :)

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

That said, I would want to see Capcom do this for at least one of its AAA games - like maybe the next month's sales of Marvel VS Capcom 3, or even an entirely upcoming title like the 3DS edition of Super Street Fighter IV (instead of just the iPhone version). If not, then I suppose that 100 million yen is already quite a lot, coming from a public limited corporation whose investors may not like it giving away so much cash (even if there are tax breaks for charitable/humanitarian donations).

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

Wow. I wish I can see how many downloads there are for these games. That's some - if not a LOT of - revenue that Capcom is eschewing there. I suppose that Capcom is not afraid to risk possible complaints from investors who would rather not see Capcom's revenues going into charity, and if that is true, I salute Capcom!

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I wish they expand this to consoles so people who don't own iOS gear can participate too on this especial sale for a good cause ;)

Avatar image for Beardof_Zeus456

@LinusBlue there should be a link to donate to the Red cross at the top of the page, if not then just google it bro'

Avatar image for Guzthon

"God bless Sega". :)

Avatar image for UnknownPerson55

heres an excuse for me to buy these again

Avatar image for AuronAXE

And just for this, I am going to try and purchase another copy :)

Avatar image for HaloPimp978

That's great. Good to see the Japanese gaming companies donate millions of dollars. Kudos to Capcom and Sega.

Avatar image for IslandBros15

Good job Sega.

Avatar image for super600

Good job Sega! I hope the Japanese people have a quick recovery from your great generoisty.

Avatar image for PHILRYABKIN

Thank You Sega for supporting your Country.

Avatar image for pszone

if there something like this on psn in euo towowow i want to do my bit buy sonic game or game whats rated to charity in japan want to pay back giveing us so much of the playstation or the nindendo

Avatar image for 6h05tly

Just downloaded the Sonic games a few minutes ago. I didn't have to replace my iPhone after all. Thank you so much for the help, AT&T employee :)

Avatar image for LindBergh2007

Kudos to SEGA and Capcom for showing dignity and thier Japanese pride, Japan is going through a serious spirital awakening, thier economy may be down now, but it is going to bounce back and rise higher then we have ever seen in our lifetime.

Avatar image for Barighm

Good idea. Too bad I already have all those games.

Avatar image for Kenshiro_Kenoh

@JustPlainLucas EA maybe Activision none

Avatar image for JustPlainLucas

Man... can you imagine how much relief EA and Activision could provide?

Avatar image for DbzJohno

I bow my head to you sega. I hope other video game companies follow your example.

Avatar image for Metroidfire

go sega!

Avatar image for SDMF_TrueBlue

That's awesome. Way to go, Sega.

Avatar image for Master_Turismo

Sega just got some epic win.

Avatar image for LinusBlue

They should have done this for Sonic Adventure on Xbox 360 and PS3. I want to help but don't own an Apple product.

Avatar image for CorruptGamerGX

@Kenshiro_Kenoh Nintendo donated the same amount as Sony.

Avatar image for TwistedAraknid

@Kenshiro_Kenoh: Actually I read that they pledged 300 million as well.

Avatar image for Kenshiro_Kenoh

@xgalacticax sony donated 300 million yens havent heard anything from nintendo yet

Avatar image for Kenshiro_Kenoh

amazing what they are doing truly amazing but there is one thing that is kinda bothering me i heard some one say some japanese game companies might be exploiting this to increase their sales i treally hope its not true but anyway i will also contribute to the cause

Avatar image for Kenshiro_Kenoh

@red-ray haha no way activison loves money

Avatar image for Superzone

They should also expand to Xbox Live, PSN, WiiWare, and PC so everyone can get in on this and help! This is an occasion where all gamers can unite and give to a good cause!

Avatar image for Superzone

Score one for Capcom and Sega! I love seeing this kind of support for Japan in their time of need. I'll be downloading SFIV and some Sonic games immediately!

Avatar image for DrAmazinDood

I love seeing this kind of support coming from the gaming industry, times like these truly make me feel proud to be a gamer

Avatar image for lilsukaass

nice i will def buy some of thse title knowing its 4 a good cause and ive heard there good and have a iphone so why help somebody

Avatar image for CaptainVictory

It's good to see companies doing what they can to help...I however do not own any hardware that supports iOS titles.

Avatar image for 6h05tly

I can only afford these two for the time being but I plan on buying the other Sonics as soon as I add more iTunes credit, which I will after hearing this news :) @red-ray: Indeed. Thumbs WAY up for Sega ^_^

Avatar image for CorruptGamerGX

A good start but they should expand it to PSN, VC/WiiWare and Xbox Live Arcade. Sega is going to need all the help they can get.

Avatar image for 6h05tly

Once I (hopefully) replace my iPhone today, I will immediately purchase Sonics 1 and 2. I believe all developers should follow suit. It'll really benefit the Japanese government a great deal :)

Avatar image for red-ray

Thumbs up for Sega. Guess Activision would do the same if tsunami hits US?

Avatar image for mtait01

@trancedanne you idiot... your not GIVING them your money, you are BUYING an awesome game cheap for a good cause. Idiot.

Avatar image for mtait01

i just downloaded sonic 4 because of this :)

Avatar image for toddx77

This is awesome.

Avatar image for XeonForce

Awesome move on Sega's part!

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd

SFIV is one of the included titles also!

Avatar image for swamptick

Go Sonic! Go Japan! I hope Sonic speeds the Land of the Rising Sun to SUPER SONIC recovery!

Avatar image for monson21502

gooo sonic!!! i will buy it for japan. watches alot of videos of the water crushing houses like they were nothing. i feel really sorry for people of japan...

Avatar image for Megavideogamer

I don't own ipad/iphone so if they do something similar on PSN. You would think Sony would have.

Avatar image for Crash_WL

Good move from Sega, I hope others follow their example!

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