Sega Ships Two

Jet Grind Radio and NBA 2K1 are shipped for the Dreamcast.


Sega of America has announced the release of two highly anticipated Dreamcast games, Jet Grind Radio and NBA 2K1. Jet Grind Radio lets the player tag property in large cities while evading bounty hunters and the police. The game's soundtrack features music from Jurassic 5, MixMaster Mike, Rob Zombie, Cold, P.M.M., and a handful of Asian hip-hop and techno-funk artists. NBA 2K1 is a realistic re-creation of the NBA game, and it features three new modes of play: street, franchise, and online. Up to eight players on two Dreamcasts can compete online at once.

"With the release of Jet Grind Radio, Sega once again breaks the mold with new and innovative content," said Rob Alvarez, product manager for Sega of America. "Never before has a game truly delivered an urban street action experience that combines all the edgy elements of the streets, such as graffiti art, skating, and music."

"Sports gamers are going to be blown away by NBA 2K1," said Martha Hill, director of sports marketing for Sega of America. "This year, the game's been beefed up with the franchise mode and enhanced AI to be smarter than the rest. The online gaming experience is completely new to this market, and it's revolutionizing our expectations for sports video games. We expect NBA 2K1 to stand in a class of its own."

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