Sega ships five

Gunvalkyrie, Virtua Fighter 4, NBA 2K2, Home Run King, and Soccer Slam are all sent off to stores in North America.


Sega has announced that it has shipped Virtua Fighter 4 for the PlayStation 2, Gunvalkyrie for the Xbox, as well as Home Run King, NBA 2K2, and Sega Soccer Slam for the GameCube.

The latest game in the Virtua Fighter series features two new characters, the shaolin monk Lei Fei and the kickboxer Vanessa Lewis. In addition to a basic arcade mode, Virtua Fighter 4 also includes a kumite mode in which players can earn new costume items for their fighter and attain a higher ranking by defeating opponents. There is also an AI training mode where players can train a computer-controlled fighter by showing it various moves.

Gunvalkyrie lets players assume the role of Kelly, the daughter of a well-known scientist, or Saburota, a warrior. Players must travel to the planet known as Tir-Na-Nog in order to locate Kelly's father, destroy the insects that have been ravaging one of the planet's colonies, and rescue its inhabitants. The structure of the game is mission-based, so as players complete one mission, others will open up. Since the characters in the game are equipped with jetpacks, players will also have to learn how to master the mechanics of using vertical and horizontal blasts while using their weapons at the same time.

Home Run King is an arcade-style baseball game that has been designed to appeal to casual fans of the sport. The game includes every team and stadium from Major League Baseball, as well as an option to turn automatic fielding off and on. Home Run King features six modes: exhibition, season, playoff, home run derby, create a player, and create a team.

NBA 2K2 has plenty of gameplay modes to keep players happy, whether they're squaring off against the computer or against friends. In addition to a rudimentary multiplayer mode for up to four players, NBA 2K2 includes a franchise mode that carries statistics and rosters over from one year to the next. There's also a single season option for those who like to build a dynasty from scratch each year, a playoffs mode for the impatient, and a fantasy option for those who enjoy redrafting teams for each season.

The last game Sega shipped today was Soccer Slam, a unique take on the sport of soccer that features fast-paced arcade-style action. Players will be able to select from six teams made up of three players. Each team has a unique set of attributes and skills that will appeal to certain types of players. There is an exhibition mode, as well as a quest mode where players can earn money to buy new items and power-ups.

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