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Sega sets Virtual Console release dates

Wii port of Space Harrier II set for release next Monday, with ToeJam and Earl arriving on Christmas Day.


While Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony have all taken different approaches to their downloadable games services, all three have apparently embraced the idea of releasing their games to the public with little or no notice.

Fortunately for gamers who like to plan their budgets a little in advance, Sega has dated a pair of its upcoming Virtual Console releases for the Nintendo Wii. With eight of the 10 Sega Genesis games promised for the Virtual Console by the end of the year already out, Sega has updated its Web site with information on the remaining two.

The 1989 pseudo-3D action title Space Harrier II should arrive this coming Monday, while the funky non-Homo-sapiens ToeJam and Earl should groove their way onto the Wii Shop Channel on Christmas Day. The holiday is a fitting release date for the 1991 Genesis adventure game, given the title's emphasis on accumulating presents and a cameo appearance by Santa Claus.

Both games are rated E for Everyone and will sell on the Wii Shop Channel for 800 Wii Points ($8).

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