Sega Saturn game pad to hit Japanese PCs

Sega will be releasing the Saturn’s game pad as a PC and Mac compatible USB device in Japan.


TOKYO--Sega will be releasing its classic Saturn console game pad as a USB device for the PC and Macintosh. The company originally created the USB controller as an exclusive bonus to the Macintosh edition of Puyo Pop Fever, which saw a Japanese release on June 24. But as a result of heavy demand from fans, Sega decided that it will also sell the controller separately for both the Mac and the PC. Unlike the game pad included with Puyo Pop Fever, which was colored like the original Saturn device, the new game pad will match the pearly white of Macintosh products.

The Sega Saturn USB game pad will hit Japanese stores on July 23 for 3129 yen ($29). Preorders can be made at Sega's online retailer, Sega Direct.

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