Sega returning down under

Sonic makes a return to Sydney.


GameSpot AU has received an e-mail from Nintendo's PR and online coordinator, Vispi Bhopti, in which he revealed "After nearly 8 glorious years at Nintendo--I am moving on to a new role, in Sydney. I will be helping establish SEGA Australia!!!"

When contacted by GameSpot AU, Bhopti confirmed the news, but wouldn't go into specifics on when it would all happen, saying "an official announcement will be made in the coming weeks."

Bhopti did, however, reveal that the person heading up the local Sega office would be Darren MacBeth, former managing director of Ubisoft Australia. When asked about the scope of operations Sega would be handling locally, Bhopti said, "It's a big investment in Australia. We have other people on board at the moment, but aren't ready to announce who [they are]."

Sega also owns the development studio Creative Assembly, the developer behind the hit series Medieval II: Total War and Rome: Total War. The Australian arm of Creative Assembly is located in Brisbane--but as yet there has been no indication of what role the new Sega office will take in its operations.

The last time Sega had a presence in Australia, it was as part of game distributor Sega Ozisoft. Sega sold off its controlling stake in that company in March 1998.

Currently, Sega titles in Australia are distributed by THQ, who declined to comment on the new Sega office.

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