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Sega Releases Virtua Tennis

The Dreamcast port of this arcade title finally heads home.


Sega announced today that the Dreamcast version of Virtua Tennis is now available at retail stores nationwide. The popular tennis game lets players choose from several of the brightest stars in tennis today - Britain's Tim Henman, Spain's Carlos Moya, Sweden's Thomas Johansson among others. The graphics are improved over the original arcade version with tighter polygons on the characters' faces and bodies. The gameplay remains the same, featuring the ability to smash, volley, lob, or drop the ball anywhere on the court with a press of the button.

"Virtua Tennis breaks new ground in the tennis genre in terms of graphics and gameplay," said Gwendolyn Marker, consumer communications manager of Sega of America. "The game is easy to pick up and play, and provides hours of replay value with multiple play modes, new lifelike courts and all-new virtual shopping." In this virtual shopping mode players can spend the money they earn in tournaments on new clothes and equipment.

Virtua Tennis for the Sega Dreamcast retails for US$39.99.

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