Sega Releases the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter

High-speed online gaming comes to consoles with Sega's latest Dreamcast peripheral.


Sega of America has announced the release of the Dreamcast broadband adapter. The peripheral replaces the 56K modem on the back of the Dreamcast, and it is compatible with most existing high-speed ISPs and includes support for static IP, DHCP, and PPP over Ethernet. Quake III Arena, Pod: Speedzone, and Unreal Tournament are the first games to support the peripheral.

"Sega is the first and only company to deliver on the broadband promise," said Charles Bellfield, vice president of corporate and marketing communications for Sega of America. "With a built-in 56K modem, Dreamcast was the first console to deliver a high-speed, low latency narrowband online gaming environment. Leveraging Sega's heritage in online gaming, it is natural that we are also the first to deliver the broadband online gaming experience to our customers."

The Dreamcast broadband adapter retails for US$59.95 and is currently available only on It will be available at retailers in March.

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