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Sega releases a partial list of upcoming Dreamcast titles

Sega of Japan has released a partial list of upcoming Dreamcast titles.


Although the Dreamcast itself may not be further manufactured, Sega will continue to support the hardware, and users who currently own a Dreamcast, will several game releases in 2001. Sega of Japan has released a partial list of games for 2001, which is shown below:

  • The House of the Dead 3 - Sega is developing both an arcade and a Dreamcast version of this latest game in the zombie-shooting series. The company promises new zombies in this latest version. The Dreamcast version will be released this summer in Japan.
  • Dynamic Golf - The game includes realistic course flybys and TV-style replays, and Sega promises graphically intensive course designs.
  • Get Bass 2 - This sequel will be released this summer in Japan, and it includes new gameplay modes and further emphasis on network functions.
  • Alien Front - Also set for this summer in Japan, this is a port of the game originally released on the PC platform.
  • As Snow... - This love sim is being developed by Wow Entertainment (AM1).
  • Outtrigger - The first-person shooter from Sega.
  • Shenmue II - The sequel to Yu Suzuki's action-adventure that follows the life of Ryo Hazuki in 1980s Japan, Hong Kong, and China.
  • Project Propeller Online - This network-compatible shooting game is also being developed by AM2 and Yu Suzuki.
  • Derby Owners Club Online - The online version of the simulation game that lets players bet on virtual horse races.
  • Power Smash 2 - New to this sequel are female players, a new mode of play, and more power-ups and items to amass. The game will be released first on the Naomi arcade board.
  • Crazy Taxi 2 - The location in this sequel moves from the West Coast to the East Coast. No further details were revealed.
  • Let's Make a Monster! - This game lets players draw 2D monsters and watch them turn into 3D creatures. Players can then take their 3D creatures and fight other monsters.
  • Victory Goal 2001 (working title) - An arcade-style soccer game that is being developed by Smilebit. It is the latest in the Worldwide Soccer series.
  • Tabitsuku 2 (working title) - A racehorse promotion simulation.
  • Guru-guru Onsen 2 (working title) - No further information available.
  • Sonic Adventure 2 - The sequel to Sonic Adventure, which features more action elements than the previous game.
  • K-Project (working title) - The developers of Space Channel 5, United Game Artists, are working on this shooting game.
  • New Space Channel 5 (working title) - Ulala makes her return in this UGA developed sequel.
  • NFL2K2
  • NBA2K2
  • NHL2K2
  • World Series Baseball 2K2
  • Floigan Brothers - Visual Concepts' platformer will also be released in 2001.
  • ToeJam & Earl (working title) - ToeJam & Earl will make their return to Sega's console this year. Specific details are scarce, but the game will stay true to the look and feel of the Genesis original.
  • Farnation - Scheduled for release this summer, Farnation is Sega's interpretation of a massively multiplayer RPG. If done properly, it will be a first for the console market.
  • Bikkuriman 2000 - This is a RPG based on the Japanese cartoon series.

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