Sega Rally ships for the GBA

Sega of America announces that its classic rally racing game is now available for the Game Boy Advance.


Sega Rally Championship

Sega of America has today released the Game Boy Advance version of Sega Rally in North America. The game features licensed cars from Subaru, Ford, Toyota, Lancia, Peugot, and Mitsubshi, and it challenges players to race on tracks all over the globe, ranging from dusty deserts to muddy jungles. Sega Rally features a single-player championship mode that gives players an opportunity to unlock minigames, secret cars, new courses, and the like, and it also boasts head-to-head racing for up to four players.

"It's not easy to pack all the white-knuckled, dune-jumping, tire-squealing action of Sega Rally into the palm of your hand, but we managed to do just that," said Mike Fischer, vice president of marketing, Sega of America. "Most people have never had an opportunity to race across the Sahara against four of their closest friends--until now, thanks to Sega Rally's addictive four-player mode for the Game Boy Advance."

Sega Rally for the Game Boy Advance is available in stores across North America now. For more information, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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