Sega Rally Online Arcade Preview

The next entry in the Sega Rally series looks to bring the arcade experience to your home console.


No Caption ProvidedInspired by Sega Rally 3 and Sega Rally Revo, this latest entry in the series takes the off-road racing online specifically for Xbox Live Arcade and the PlayStation Network. Familiar modes like Championship, Quick Race, and Time Attack are all included, as well as the ability to race with up to five people online and go head-to-head with a friend via split-screen. The Classic mode that is found in Sega Rally 3 is also present here and is a reimagining of the first level of the original Sega Rally Arcade game. It comes packed with the original two cars as well, the Toyota Celica and the Lancia Delta.

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Sega Rally Online Arcade comes with 13 cars and five tracks that take you on a tour through the lazy tropics, beautiful canyons, and Sega's version of the Swiss Alps. Geodeformation, which was first found in Revo, is also part of the game, and it causes the top surface of the terrain to change as you drive each lap. This changes how your car handles to keep you on your toes during each turn of every lap. Not all of the tracks and vehicles are unlocked when you start, so you'll have to hone your off-road skills if you want to get access to everything. For more details on the modes and a look at how the game plays, check out the demo below.

It feels very much like any classic arcade racer, so if you've been spending a lot of your time playing the more realistic racing games, it's going to take some getting used to in order to go back to the floaty car mechanics. No release date or price has been set yet, but expect the game to ship sometime in the second quarter of this year.

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