Sega opens UK studio for next gen consoles

Sega Europe opens its third UK code shop; studio already at work on a "next-gen" action adventure.


Sega Europe has announced the formation of a new boutique studio based in the UK's West Midlands that is set up to focus its resources "exclusively for next generation platforms." The forward-looking studio has an unnamed "unique action adventure experience" project already underway, due for release late next year.

It's nearly time for Sega's next generation.
It's nearly time for Sega's next generation.

With the new studio focusing on next-gen consoles, the unnamed title is most likely a game for the Wii U, Nintendo's just-revealed new games machine, also due in 2012, or the PlayStation Vita, which will be rolled out globally in late 2011 and early 2012. Sega's commitment to develop for the Wii U is already apparent; the multiplatform Aliens: Colonial Marines will also appear on the new Nintendo console.

The new studio will sit with Sega Europe's existing Technology Group and is the publisher's third British code shop, alongside The Creative Assembly, West Sussex-based developer of the Total War series, and London-based Football Manager studio Sports Interactive. Gary Dunn, Sega Europe's senior vice president of production, comments: "I am genuinely excited about the prospect of opening another studio at SEGA, particularly one co-located with our Technology Group…we fully intend to keep innovation at the heart of the new studio by keeping close links with the Technology Group who will ensure that this happens.”

The studio is headed by Sega technical director Chris Southall, whose body of work includes the Total War series and, during time with British publisher Codemasters, Colin McRae's Rally series. It is currently taking applications for further positions. The studio opening follows closely after the closure of another UK development studio, THQ's Digital Warrington, maker of Red Faction: Battlegrounds.

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