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Sega officially announces Matrix Online deal

After weeks of wild rumors, the so-called "Sega-ton" announcement proves anticlimactic.


Two weeks ago, wild rumors of a resurgent Dreamcast raged after Sega sent out word that it would have an "explosive announcement" at this year's E3. However, that news detonated over the weekend when Sega posted large banners all over the Los Angeles Convention Center announcing its deal to publish The Matrix Online.

Nevertheless, the press gathered at Sega's E3 booth today to see if the so-called "Sega-ton" had any more bang left in it. After a brief delay, the lights in the Sega booth dimmed and Sega of America president Hideaki Irie emerged to announce…a deal with Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Monolith to publish the Matrix Online.

Speaking to the audience, WBIE's senior vice president Jason Hall said he considered the massively multiplayer game "the fourth movie in the series," and he hyped up the detail of its urban setting. Them Monolith CEO Samantha Ryan appeared to present a so-called "super brawl," in which a group of Monolith staffers duked it out inside the Matrix Online. Sega will be staging these demo fights throughout E3.

For more on the Matrix Online, check back later for our forthcoming preview.

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