Sega making Virtua Fighter 5

New, Lindbergh-board-based entry into Sega's venerable fighting series will be unveiled tomorrow in Japan along with new game Psy-Phi.


According to the latest issue of Famitsu, Sega is developing Virtua Fighter 5 for its new Lindbergh arcade board. The company will be making an official announcement at tomorrow's AM Show in Japan. Other Lindbergh games to be shown at the AM Show include a new After Burner, House of the Dead 4, and Power Smash 3.

Sega will also be showing a new head-to-head action shooting game named Psy-Phi, which will be an original new game by Virtua Fighter's Yu Suzuki. Psy-Phi will use a touch-sensitive screen, and it is said to use hardware that hasn't been seen before. All five games will be shown in a video presentation.

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