Sega Is Considering Worldwide Launches For Future Atlus Games

Thanks to the success of Yakuza: Like A Dragon's global launch, Sega wants more of its games to adopt a global release strategy.


Thanks to the success of games such as Yakuza: Like A Dragon--the most successful entry in the franchise--on multiple platforms, Sega has begun reevaluating how it wants to release games in the future. Part of this new strategy includes releasing Atlus games simultaneously worldwide and on multiple platforms, which would be a massive departure for how the developer usually handles such releases.

"A simultaneous release on multiple platforms would be favorable for our titles. Of course, we'll make adjustments on a per-title basis, but we want to be conscious of the global expansion of Atlus titles as well," Sega's Chief Strategy Officer Shuji Utsumi said to Famitsu (via Persona Central) of the company's new plans.

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Atlus fans outside of Japan are no strangers to waiting years for games from the studio to be localized, as the challenging task of creating English dubs and subtitles for these titles would usually only be done after an Atlus game launched in Japan. Persona 5 Strikers took a year to head west after it was first released in Japan, as an example.

Shin Megami Tensei 5's upcoming release will be a global one, and recent Atlus games such as Catherine Classic have also recently arrived on Steam with less of a delay. Shin Megami Tensei 3: Nocturne HD Remaster will also arrive on Steam this month as part of Sega's global expansion efforts.

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