Sega hatching new Alien game

Total War studio Creative Assembly working on new console project based on the classic sci-fi film series; Viking team reportedly developing.


This week, Sega revealed it is working on yet another game based on the Alien film series. The website for the Japanese's publisher's UK-based studio, the Creative Assembly, reveals that the shop is working on a console project based on the sci-fi intellectually property. Besides showing a picture of one of the iconic xenomorph eggs from the four films--Alien, Aliens, Alien 3, and Alien Resurrection--the website also displays the logo for 20th Century Fox, the movie studio behind the series.

Sega is hoping to successfully hatch another Alien game.
Sega is hoping to successfully hatch another Alien game.

The Creative Assembly's website provides no other details on the game, other than over a dozen job listings for the console project. However, gaming blog Rock, Paper, Shotgun was on hand at the studio when the announcement was made and gleaned some further details. The new game will be based more on the more suspenseful Alien rather than the military-heavy Aliens, but it will still be an "action" game. Development will be handled by the same team that made 2008's Viking: Battle for Asgard, with the Creative Assembly's entire headcount bulking up to 200 for the project. It is also reportedly opening a new 10,000-square-foot facility to aid with the staff expansion.

The new Alien project marks the fourth title based on the property since Sega landed the license in December 2006. The publisher first commissioned a role-playing game set in the sci-fi universe from Obsidian Entertainment (Fallout: New Vegas) before canceling the project in mid-2009. The company also hired Gearbox Software (Borderlands) to work on the first-person shooter Aliens: Colonial Marines, which is still in development despite having never been shown to the public. In February 2010, Sega released the Rebellion-developed Aliens vs. Predator to lukewarm reviews.

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