Sega GT Hands-On

Sega jumps on the realistic driving bandwagon that's become so popular in the last couple of years. See how its Dreamcast racer stacks up so far.


Sega GT

Since Gran Turismo roared out of Sony's gate a few years ago, the big thing in video game racing has been realism. Never one to miss a chance to capitalize on a hot trend, Sega's released its own answer to Gran Turismo in Sega GT. We sat down and played the latest build of the American Sega GT - check out how it stacks up.

Like Gran Turismo and many other realistic racers, Sega GT features a load of licensed cars, most of which are far more expensive and exotic than any car the average gamer will ever get to drive. Given that, one of the aims of Sega GT is to simulate the driving experience as accurately as possible. Whether or not the game succeeds at this, however, is dependent on your love for realistic driving simulations. Fans of the genre should be able to dive right in, while fans of the more basic, arcade-style racers will probably dislike this game just as much as they disliked Gran Turismo.

If you're serious about your driving, though, Sega GT shouldn't really disappoint. It's got all the now-requisite features introduced by Gran Turismo such as car dealerships (where you can buy used or new cars), driving license tests, a garage for tweaking your setup, and so on. Unfortunately for the eye candy fiends among you, the backgrounds are kind of flat to look at and the textures and modeling don't feel very alive. Sega GT's car models are bland too, featuring uninspired textures and only very basic reflections.

Despite all this, if you dig customization in a racer and you're the Sega-centric type, here's your game. Since Sony's got the obvious monopoly on this subgenre with the Gran Turismo series, it's not likely to get much better than this on Dreamcast. Sega GT is expected to release in August.

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