Sega gone fishin' on Wii

Publisher reels in Cavia-developed Sega Bass Fishing on Nintendo's console for early 2008 release.


There are plenty of fish in the sea when it comes to Wii angling games, but so far gamers have been better off practicing a bit of catch-and-release with an assortment of sickly specimens. Sega is hoping to change that with the first console installment of its Bass Fishing series in more than five years.

They all float down there.
They all float down there.

Sega announced today that the series will make its return with Sega Bass Fishing on the Wii, and the game has been confirmed for a North American and European release. Developed by Cavia (the Drakengard series; BeatDown: Fists of Vengeance), Sega Bass Fishing will include four types of freshwater bass, more than 20 lures, 15 lakes, and a variety of play modes, including arcade play and "nature trip."

Sega Bass Fishing is set for release in early 2008.

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