Sega Genesis turns 20

Third-party publisher celebrates 16-bit console's anniversary by letting gamers vote on next vintage release on Xbox Live Arcade.


Sega's last hurrah as a console maker, the Dreamcast, is set to turn 10 years old next month. Gamers may readily remember that system's anniversary thanks to its heavily marketed "9/9/99" release date, but Sega today is celebrating a less remembered but no less important milestone.

"Wise fwom your gwave!"

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis' North American debut, and Sega is marking the occasion by letting gamers vote on the next Genesis title to be rereleased on the Xbox Live Arcade. Through August 21, gamers will be able to visit and vote for one of seven different 16-bit titles. (In a nostalgic nod to marketing campaigns past, the poll claims to be "powered by blast processing.")

All of the eligible titles were developed by Sega, with the exception of Shiny Entertainment's breakthrough platformer, Earthworm Jim. As of press time, that game was leading the candidates with 42 percent of the vote, followed by Toe Jam & Earl, Shining Force II, and Revenge of Shinobi. Rounding out the field of candidates were dark horses Golden Axe II, Streets of Rage (the sequel of which is already available on XBLA), and Wonder Boy in Monster World.

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Avatar image for PAL360

One of the best consoles ever!!!

Avatar image for shaun_ofda_dead

can we please get some frickin shining force action on xbl? for the love of god, please people!

Avatar image for steve4123456789

Adleast have Toejam, and earl, its a joke not to have that.

Avatar image for RingCollector

sega prooved more then one game console could be succesful at once, if it wasn't for sega we might not have gotten the ps1 and xbox

Avatar image for tawagivercetti

Shinig Force - Toejam and Earl.....NOW! Is it possible to take back altered beast. I LOATHE THAT GAME. die

Avatar image for zakkess

for all the people complaining abt why this wont be released on psn..there was a thing called the ps2, and another system called the dreamcast..and well lets just say people forgot abt the dreamcast and went to the ps2

Avatar image for Talldude80

they said Sega Genesis turns 21, not Mega drive..... (yes i know its basically the same thing). lol

Avatar image for InsultToInjury_

20?!! I feel old. Happy Birthday Mega Drive. Anyone remember Chicky Chicky Boys?

Avatar image for tyladog

Happy birthday to my Mega Drive. Still running and currently hooked to my TV between my Saturn and Dreamcast. All still played. As for voting...has to be Shining Force. Come on Sega, give us a new one as well.

Avatar image for izmickey

Happy B-Day, i remember all the fond gaming moments i had with my genesis. My genesis is still running strong....the good old days. Sonic games truly shined on this system.

Avatar image for Tauu

The release of Sonic 2 was Sega's greatest moment. The game was simply awesome.

Avatar image for amilcar44

there is another one ,but this time was a reponse from the people who supported offense to sega on its day just to let you remember the good old times--"nintendo does what genesISNT" the end i had both of them and were the best! darn nostalgia...

Avatar image for hannify

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for hannify

mega drive sounds better

Avatar image for Erebus

Herzog Zwei. If that game was on the list, I'd actually bother voting.

Avatar image for Maddaus

Ah, the Genesis. It was just too good. I remember at the time I read a spec's comparison. SNES was able to have 32 colors on screen simultaneously while Genesis claimed 2,000,000. Not saying the Genesis was better but it was my favorite system. I used the 6-button controller for everything though. The 3 button just didn't cut it. Here's a fun fact, the Sega Genesis was known as the MEGA DRIVE pretty much everywhere else in the world.

Avatar image for athenian29

I dunno, I can't really play old games. They just don't click with me the same way newer things do. Although, I would love to get my hands on a copy of Herzog Zwei...

Avatar image for HB_Dad

Ghosts N Goblins and Strider are two absoulute musts!

Avatar image for HB_Dad

Remember the old ad "Genesis Does What Nintendon't"

Avatar image for janderdarkmoon

Oh by the way Shining Force, Phantasy Star, those where they days when those names actually meant something

Avatar image for janderdarkmoon

Wow this will all sound cliche but twenty years already. I was the first kid on the block to have one and sure enough everyone was lining up at the door.

Avatar image for Spoon_Si

PSN never gets nothing good... i'm sell this crap and get an elite..

Avatar image for Romeric87

Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole... Now theres a game!

Avatar image for tbs76

Happy 20th Genesis. You were the first console I truely cared about. You provided me countless hours of entertainment. I bought you on day one here in Canada at the now defunct Consumers Distributing store for $320. I played Altered Beast to death and later became consumed by Revenge of Shinobi, Super Monoco GP, Sonic the Hedgehog, and ultimately the great EA sports series of Madden NFL, and NHL Hockey. The games may sure look and play different than those classics of the past but I have never had so many memorable and fun moments as I did with the Genesis..thank you Sega. Your consoles will be forever revered and missed.

Avatar image for tbs76

Oh...dont forget Sega's awesome Ren and Stimpy game!

Avatar image for tbs76
tbs76 game everyone loved but had been dearly forgotten on this list is...Afterburner and Afterburner 2. How can Sega not include one of its best franchises? The Outrun series is also a good pick. They should also include the disney themed games like Quackshot and Aladdin. Or how about Rambo III or in the wake of MJ's death, the classic Moonwalker game. There are so many games waiting to be restored and revisited..I hope these titles will be considered.

Avatar image for Thirdrail1

I'm with Rottenwood. I've still never seen any co-op game for any system that rivals Toe Jam and Earl. Even if it loses to Earthworm Jim, I hope it gets enough votes that Sega ports that too. TJ&E with online support would be an epic moment in gaming history.

Avatar image for smbius

It's funny. Half of this generation who are playing on the current consoles always think we're complaining about not having enough original games. But in actuality, we've just seen it all before. Genesis Does! What Nintendon't. Remember that crap?! Happy bday

Avatar image for Rottenwood

Tough to beat the 16-Bit Era in terms of quality. The Genesis had some masterpieces, and the Super Nintendo is still probably the finest console ever made in terms of software. There were some advantages to having more limited graphics, when developers had to emphasize gameplay over photorealism. Earthworm Jim was great, but Toejam and Earl should win this one. It's arguably the best cooperative game ever, and certainly one of the most enjoyable and creative.

Avatar image for gurvmlk

I have to say that, personally, I strongy disagree with them releasing any of the games that are already present on the Ultimate Genesis Collection. It would be much nicer to make available something that we can't already get.

Avatar image for Kei_neoblood

Happy birthday, Genesis!!! Man, I remember the first time I ever played it was at my friend Brad's house, he had Sonic 1 and Splatterhouse 2, I would sit there and just DROOL watching him play it, also I hated him, because it never was "my turn" lol. Also to migg2, that was a beautiful story, it actually brought a tear to this 25 year old's eye...!

Avatar image for Excedra

happy birthday....old friend......

Avatar image for GBPackersrule

Happy Birthday old friend! I got you in 1991, and you are still running great! Now if only I could get my 360 to do the same...

Avatar image for SIMIFU

i wish Sonic3&Knuckles was there

Avatar image for ebonyflame

You know, it is not very hard to pick for me since I have played those games in the past in their original format and still have them in my closet right now. Revenge of Shinobi of all of them has the best replayability. But, I am not a fan of games re-released on the Xbox live arcade in comparison to the Virtual Console. The Live arcade uses update versions of the games with different sounds than the originals instead of just emulating the old games. Trust me, the originals are much better.

Avatar image for tmorri603

This is going to be hard to pick. I enjoyed most of the games on the list. I think all the game should be on XBL but I will go with ToeJam & Earl for my vote. It was the best 2 player game of its time and it was so funny. The presents and the wacky villians. I still laugh at the "Nerd Heard" held together by the "geek force".

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

I want Herzog Zwei again...the first real-time strategy game!!! Happy birthday ol friend.

Avatar image for Bird-of-Prey

I think road rash 2 had the super cheat black sportbike that was described as a "5 gallon jug of whoopass". Wild Thing 2000 was it's name.

Avatar image for Glade_Gnarr

Happy birthday to the Genesis, the 16 bit system wars has been the most epic ever. To bad Sega didn't last as long as a console maker and Nintendo has strayed of to the dark side.

Avatar image for DrKill09

Earthworm Jim's one of my all time favs, though I wish it was the Sega CD version, and on the PSN.

Avatar image for leeko_link

Happy 20th Anniversary Genesis. Now give me a Sega Genesis Ultimate Collection Volume 2 and we'll celebrate.

Avatar image for SpiritOfFire117

Happy Birthday Jenny

Avatar image for D_Bug

Can't believe SoR hasn't had that many votes. Was one of the gems of the Mega Drive collection.

Avatar image for XeonForce

EarthWorm Jim was the junk, it was almost like playing a saturday morning cartoon, is was funny and captivating and most importantly, it had some awesome guns. EWJ ftw.

Avatar image for BangBangBoom

Happy birthday. Toejam & earl FTW online coop how can anyone not want this

Avatar image for parhar67

happy burfday sega!! I remember playing my sega and earthworm jim. I would have to start a level and leave my sega on for hours and hours because of no save points :( Good old days. Another great game was NBA JAM TE they need a remake or release that on the live arcade!!!!!!

Avatar image for dundee85

yesssss! it looks like earthworm jim will win by a landslide, acording to the polls @dmgonzales0378 i agree the dreamcast was a beautiful machine i used to love mine, its a shame it died before its time, i remember getting shenmue for my Christmas the year it came out, i stayed up all night playing it. Good memories

Avatar image for Zombunny

vote for wonderboy as we already have the streets of rage in another collection

Avatar image for migg2

Thanks kavadias1981! I remember the fierce fanboy days of the 16-BIT era. Each era has them. Then we grow up and realize that each system has awesome games and gives us each unique experiences. I'll be celebrating the SNES and TG16 aniversaries just as much! :) They're coming up!!

Avatar image for dr_jashugan

Street Of Rage! Oh the good old days. 8)