Sega Genesis turns 20

Third-party publisher celebrates 16-bit console's anniversary by letting gamers vote on next vintage release on Xbox Live Arcade.


Sega's last hurrah as a console maker, the Dreamcast, is set to turn 10 years old next month. Gamers may readily remember that system's anniversary thanks to its heavily marketed "9/9/99" release date, but Sega today is celebrating a less remembered but no less important milestone.

"Wise fwom your gwave!"

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis' North American debut, and Sega is marking the occasion by letting gamers vote on the next Genesis title to be rereleased on the Xbox Live Arcade. Through August 21, gamers will be able to visit and vote for one of seven different 16-bit titles. (In a nostalgic nod to marketing campaigns past, the poll claims to be "powered by blast processing.")

All of the eligible titles were developed by Sega, with the exception of Shiny Entertainment's breakthrough platformer, Earthworm Jim. As of press time, that game was leading the candidates with 42 percent of the vote, followed by Toe Jam & Earl, Shining Force II, and Revenge of Shinobi. Rounding out the field of candidates were dark horses Golden Axe II, Streets of Rage (the sequel of which is already available on XBLA), and Wonder Boy in Monster World.

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I just got a mint Genesis with 6 games (box's and books) and 2 controllers at a Garage sale for $20!

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I remember buying my own Genesis and how excited I was looking at the box on the way home. Good days I tell ya.

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i remember getting this for xmas. it came with altered beast. and i also got mystic defender and golden axe. i snuck down stairs and opened it up early and beat all 3 games that nite lol

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happy birthday sega genesis