Sega Genesis turns 20

Third-party publisher celebrates 16-bit console's anniversary by letting gamers vote on next vintage release on Xbox Live Arcade.


Sega's last hurrah as a console maker, the Dreamcast, is set to turn 10 years old next month. Gamers may readily remember that system's anniversary thanks to its heavily marketed "9/9/99" release date, but Sega today is celebrating a less remembered but no less important milestone.

"Wise fwom your gwave!"

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis' North American debut, and Sega is marking the occasion by letting gamers vote on the next Genesis title to be rereleased on the Xbox Live Arcade. Through August 21, gamers will be able to visit and vote for one of seven different 16-bit titles. (In a nostalgic nod to marketing campaigns past, the poll claims to be "powered by blast processing.")

All of the eligible titles were developed by Sega, with the exception of Shiny Entertainment's breakthrough platformer, Earthworm Jim. As of press time, that game was leading the candidates with 42 percent of the vote, followed by Toe Jam & Earl, Shining Force II, and Revenge of Shinobi. Rounding out the field of candidates were dark horses Golden Axe II, Streets of Rage (the sequel of which is already available on XBLA), and Wonder Boy in Monster World.

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Avatar image for bjareske

I think I'll play my Genesis tonight to commemorate the day! Mortal Combat or street fighter?

Avatar image for metalkid9

aww man I miss those times even though I would never go back. such a great console it was.

Avatar image for spawnassasin

i really want to get my genesis up and running but im missing the video cable and im not even sure it will start:(

Avatar image for Bytor60150

While Wonder Boy in Monster World is one of my ALL time favorite Genesis games, I'll have to give my nod to Earth Worm Jim. That title was so fun! It did'nt really re-invent the action platformer but it did everything right. Plus I like the humor.

Avatar image for pvtdonut54

I miss the Genesis :(

Avatar image for ps3x360

I have a question for everyone, what was more epic the 32 bit era or the 16 bit era?

Avatar image for Wings_008

am still grateful to my dad for that day in London when bought me a Mega Drive with 9 games of his choice i voted for Revenge of Shinobi

Avatar image for alixkid

*SEGA* oh meny of days did i spend playing that great system. its a toss up EWJ or SF.

Avatar image for ps3x360

Please someone anyone please bring Ranger X back.

Avatar image for rashmaster

A pleasant article to read. I am thankful for owning one as a child.

Avatar image for ps3x360

Man has it really been that long? time sure does fly I really do feel old at 25.

Avatar image for Folleyrules

I want a new Shining Force!!!!

Avatar image for Land-0-Funk

gotflow: "Damn I would like 4 Shining Force II to win...It's a must-buy 4 me....." I agree that was the first Turn Based-RPG I ever played I was amazed how fun it was when I first rented it.

Avatar image for Bird-of-Prey

Klugen that's strange, I never feel old ever and we are probably around the same age.

Avatar image for Land-0-Funk
Land-0-Funk second console after the NES. I put it in a box for storage and my mother apparently "lost" it :( Hope it turns up eventually.

Avatar image for klugenbeel

Wow....i feel old right now. I remember so many of these games. Eathworm Jim was awesome!!!!

Avatar image for tjoeb123

No S&K? I thought that would be coming out soon. So much for playing S3&K (which isn't on the Genesis collection)

Avatar image for tremor33

Mine is still alive and kicking. I can almost drink with it soon.

Avatar image for King_Jeremy_77

Earthworm Jim was fantastic!

Avatar image for whodeyzach

WOW! This makes me feel old LOL

Avatar image for konradak

Earthworm Jim!!!!

Avatar image for t0taldj

Street Fighter II and Streets of Rage II :'(

Avatar image for Bird-of-Prey

Sega Master System was my first then NES and Genesis at the same time. Ah wonderful memories. Altered Beast and Rastan. Lets not forget Target Earth(Assault Suit Leynos in Japan) and Hard Drivin/Race Drivin. I could name a ton of games.

Avatar image for SnakeEyesX80

Dude, Earthworm Jim for sure!!

Avatar image for dkpunk

Happy Bday to one of my favorite consoles!

Avatar image for Nerkcon

I'm a little confused here... Doesn't a game/system has to be still around to celebrate how old it is? :? This is the first time I've seen people being happy for an anniversary of anything that has been dead/no longer in production.

Avatar image for SnakeEyesX80

Happy Birthday Genesis! You were my second console (NES being my first), but my first favorite, even to this day! I had more fun with my Genesis then I did with almost any other back in the day. So many great games. I still have a Genesis with about 75 games. I also still have my SEGA Nomad. Another great system. I also remember the voucher that SEGA included with the initial launch systems. You got Altered Beast with the console and you could fill out this voucher, pick from about 6 games at the time and mail it in. I picked Space Harrier. I loved that game! I wish consoles manufactures still practiced this today.

Avatar image for warofgears

The Genesis was my first console!!!

Avatar image for Arkady_16

Happy 20th Genesis we had some great times together growing up :)

Avatar image for guyguyguy1234

@ Units420 yeah that game was amazing

Avatar image for Just-Adam

I still have my Genesis as well .. ahhh good times ..

Avatar image for gogi94

The Mega Drive was my first console and it was a really great!

Avatar image for Units420

Would love to see The Lion King on VC or Live. One of my fave non Sonic Genesis games. Also (don't know if its already been released) MK 2.

Avatar image for Wolf-5

Well thats cool... letting the gamers choose the game.

Avatar image for FidelSarcastro

I still have my Genesis hooked up next to all the rest of my consoles and I still play it quite frequently... Gotta love those original Sonic games... shame the way that franchise went.

Avatar image for Melty123

My first console for game as far as I can remember, good times, good times.

Avatar image for suprsolider

Screw this most of the games are already on the Ultimate Genesis Collection for the 360, so this is stupid.

Avatar image for SWfreak16

I still have and play my Genesis. Jurassic Park and Golden Axe were, and still are two of my favourite games.

Avatar image for Yo-gan

The Mega drive/genesis was my first games console aswell, and what a console! :)

Avatar image for razor990

I use to play this thing all the time at my daycare a long time ago.

Avatar image for gamepunk86

ah, my first system. i was only 7 years old. thank you sega genesis, you changed my life forever.

Avatar image for Jack69

i have to say that the comment made by gamespot "a less remembered" is a pretty bad one. i mean the sega gen is one of the best consoles ever made

Avatar image for planb

Only makes me realize how old I am.

Avatar image for gotflow

Damn I would like 4 Shining Force II to win...It's a must-buy 4 me.....

Avatar image for gnbfd

What happened to PSN? Did Sega just give up after the failure known as Gunstar Heroes? You guys ****ed up the online and didn't even bother to fix it. Screw you Sega and if you do release another classic on PSN I won't buy it cause you lied to me and cheated my out of $5. Anyway, Happy Birthday Genesis! Back in the day when Sega didn't do this kind of **** (partially cause it couldn't even happen...)

Avatar image for Ranma_X_basic

Congrats to the Genesis for turning 20 years old. That's a pretty long time for a console. those were good times. it also had many good games including Ghouls And Ghosts,Bomberman and many others. I feel like dusting it off and playing it again just for the fond memories.

Avatar image for Madmangamer364

It's hard to believe that the Sega Genesis is that old. The system was the spark for the 16-bit era, which is still my all-time favorite gaming era, and it was a system that sported a number of unique titles for that time, with a flair to call their own. It also started the whole "system wars" thing that has evolved over the years, but I'll overlook that for now. :P Happy 20 year anni to Sega's most successful console. :)

Avatar image for Desert_Eagle_50

good old time.

Avatar image for codybiroth

Coincidentally yesterday I got 3 Sega Genesis' with like 9 controllers and like 25 games. Now I have 5 Sega Genesis':D"