Sega Genesis turns 20

Third-party publisher celebrates 16-bit console's anniversary by letting gamers vote on next vintage release on Xbox Live Arcade.


Sega's last hurrah as a console maker, the Dreamcast, is set to turn 10 years old next month. Gamers may readily remember that system's anniversary thanks to its heavily marketed "9/9/99" release date, but Sega today is celebrating a less remembered but no less important milestone.

"Wise fwom your gwave!"

Today marks the 20th anniversary of the Sega Genesis' North American debut, and Sega is marking the occasion by letting gamers vote on the next Genesis title to be rereleased on the Xbox Live Arcade. Through August 21, gamers will be able to visit and vote for one of seven different 16-bit titles. (In a nostalgic nod to marketing campaigns past, the poll claims to be "powered by blast processing.")

All of the eligible titles were developed by Sega, with the exception of Shiny Entertainment's breakthrough platformer, Earthworm Jim. As of press time, that game was leading the candidates with 42 percent of the vote, followed by Toe Jam & Earl, Shining Force II, and Revenge of Shinobi. Rounding out the field of candidates were dark horses Golden Axe II, Streets of Rage (the sequel of which is already available on XBLA), and Wonder Boy in Monster World.

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@migg2 That was a nice story. I really enjoyed reading it. Makes a change from the usual fanboy rubbish you have to wade through.

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Happy Birthday, Sega Genesis!!...It was my first console as a kid, Do I miss those days playing the original Sonic The Hedgehog and Streets Of Rage 3...think I'm gonna go hook up and play my original 16 bit Genesis now.

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my 8 yr ol daughter is named Genesis...

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i celebrated by playing my genesis all day long ! :D man i love my collection.

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man i wanted to see zombies ate my neighbors on that list

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Ah the memories. Streets of Rage(s), Road Rash 2, Rock n' roll racing, Micro machines...

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I agree. I thought the PS1 was teriible. Graphics were horrible. 2D is STILL way better!

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Dude I use to love Sega man I had the Gensis and use it all the time. The Dreamcast was way better than the PS1 even the PS2 in every category.

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...CONTINUED FROM BELOW... From there on out I was a die hard Sega fan. It took 3 months for my store to start carrying the Genesis. When it came though, I was selling them big time. I remember one woman who came in with her son regularly, asking about which games were good and which I could recommend. I was 18. It took me 10 years to understand the significance of the bonding that this created for a single mom and her son. But at the time, I was just glad to help and talk about the Genesis. But little did I know that that one person took the time to actually write Sega of America about what a strong fan they had selling their game in Buffalo, NY. To my surprise and delight, Sega sent me a hand-signed letter from their Marketing Director at the time. About 6 months later, I sent the letter back to them... along with my resume! 2 months after that I packed up my car and moved to NoCal to work for Sega. I have so many memorable stories from that point forward. Thank you so much Sega for making such a huge difference in my life!

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It was Summer of '89 and I was already firmly entrenched in the new revival of gaming with the NES. I even still had my Atari 5200 & 7800 hooked up - but starting to collect dust next to my already well-worn NES. I was working in a local department store's electronics department and basically living NES, SMS and Atari every day. Then a new magazine popped up in my department. Issue #1 of Electronic Gaming Monthly. Inside, was this new Sega Genesis. The pics looked incredible!! I was drooling madly over the coverage of Ghouls and Ghosts! But because it wasn't a very progressive department store I worked at, this was news to me. We didn't carry it. That night, I went to a local Toys R Us. And there it was... on display playing Tommy Lasorda Baseball and one playing altered Beast. The thing that immediately struck me was how smoothly the screen scrolled with a base hit in Lasorda Baseball. And of course all the gorgeous colors and huge sprites in Altered Beast! I maxed out my (first) credit card and bought the Genesis and all the games that night. ...MORE ABOVE...

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Happy 20th Anniversary Sega Genesis. I still remember playing the Sonic The Hedgehog Trilogy, General Chaos & Shining Force I & II as a kid. Those were some fun times.

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Go Earthworm Jim. Heck I would even like one of the old Maddens with some online just to play against my friends that I grew up with and have moved elsewhere. Or some Mutant League Football or Pigskin Football which was loads of fun with two players.

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Sniff the 16-bit times memories Seeegaaa!

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i remember playing genesis, that was the times....

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Anybody got any crazy stories on how they came about owning a Genesis? I remember maybe Christmas of 1990. I had a NES by this point (who didnt?) and I was content with that. However, my dad decides on Christmas to announce with a laughter that he had actually bought the Genesis, but it was too much money. So he returned it. I wasn't angry. But a bit sadden on what could have been. It wasn't til 92 when I had already had a NES and Super NES that my uncle "purchased" a Genesis from a crackhead (no lie) and I finally had one. It worked, although the plug for the AC adapter had to be carefully position or held down by something other wise it would come out and you were screwed if you got far in Sonic or some other game. But yea, I remember playing the hell out of that thing,. Just a really great system

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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I first experienced the Genesis when an old family friend brought his over to our house when I was a kid. I was pretty blown away by it as I was still playing my NES. Happy 20th Genesis! THE GENESIS DOES WHAT NINTENDON'T! SEGA! XD

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This brings back memories. The Genesis was one of the first consoles I ever played and I loved it. It was such an excellent console with so many great games. Boy do I miss the 16-bit era... Good times!

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The Sega Genesis helped raise me as a child. Seriously, I loved this console and still play it occasionally to this day. My best friend, when I was growing up had a Nintendo, while I had the Sega Master System, then he graduated to the SNES and I moved on to the Sega Genesis. Each of these consoles offered completely different experiences, but great ones at that. I remember first firing up Madden and Altered Beast on my Genesis and being blown away! @ sd403, I still have my copy of Earthworm Jim 2 for the Saturn, that and Xmen Children of the Atom. Those are killer games for the SAturn.I'm sad that Sega had to leave the console arena, especially since the games that they delivered offered different experiences!

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It's too bad that it wouldn't be the SEGA CD version if Earthworm Jim wins. The black-and-white pencil-like intro was so fun to watch, not to mention the redbook audio, etc. I'll have to hook my Genesis/SEGA CD, Saturns (one US, one for Japanese), and Dreamcast up again now... *sniffle* /salutes SEGA

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I wish Sega a big happy birthday to their home console Genesis. I remember when Sega was about to go bankrupt until Sonic saves them (and later, Sonic became Sega's mascot). "Ah, the 16-bit era. What a memories and great moments (Gunstar Heroes, Alien Soldier, Thunder Force, Vectorman, Ecco the Dolphin, Sonic series, Shining Force, Phantasy Star, Streets of Rage [envy this, Nintendo] and more".

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Ahh yes, the Genesis, such a great system, such countless classics...and Sonic didn't suck.Those were the days. Anyway EWJ is pretty hard to beat, easily the best one there.If you've played it, you know.

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Vote for Shining Force!! I can't believe that game is not on XBLA.

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Dreamcast and Genesis. Hehe. They're both hooked up to my tv for a reason

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Mega Man: The Wily Wars!

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Ah I still remember sitting in front of my t.v. ,making my mom pissed cuze Im not doing my homework and instead playing sonic the good times!

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32 bit era was the most epic ever. It brought us 3D graphics, arcade quality fighters, MGS, RE, Street Fighter Alpha, Tomb Raider, Syphon Filter, Mario Kart in 3D, Goldeneye, Perfect Dark, memory cards, CD-ROM games, etc.

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Genesis and Dreamcast, are two of my favorite consoles of all time. Saturn, smh...

Avatar image for VirtualTofu

Guess I better go play Sega Genesis Collection!

Avatar image for ThisNameIsDumb

make it something good! =P like a port of the xmen game. =D idc a lot of genesis games are great

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man the genesis i loved that system still own it play it time for time i voted for Shining Force cause i loved that game back then

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Wow, 12 thumbs down, I have never been more hated in my life! :( I didn't mean anything bad about it. I love Sega too. My first system was a Sega Genesis when I was 5 and my first game was Sonic 3D Blast. I am just wondering what is the point of having an anniversary for a product that got cut from production? Everything gets older no matter what, so what's the accomplishment of reaching whatever age if the product died?

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I'd say Toe Jam & Earl based on the fact all the rest are already on the Ultimate Genesis collection you can pick up in retail for cheap.

Avatar image for thundaro

bah a remake of Earthworm Jim is needed, that game is made of so much win it would be great to see its humor and very unique style get an upgrade to the modern era

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Where is Sonic & Knuckles!?!?!

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My fathers purchased my Sega Genesis in the generation of PSX and N64. Some people told me that I had to upgrade to the current generation consoles, but I didn't have the money as a kiddo. But I still loved my Genesis: no mather the generation, that console rocked with all those wonderful games. I still play in emulation.

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While you're at it sega give us Jet Grind (set) Radio 3!!! :D

Avatar image for TheArcade

Put Arcade on XBLA Sega. It's long over do.

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Genesis was my first console, happy birthday!!!!

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I used to love Sonic the Hedgehog.

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what about psn? why should we get the short end of the stick?

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Good memories...

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@ Wings_008 My thoughts exactly, the 16 bit era is what paved the way for the PS1 N64 and everything after it, Sega Genesis I salute you.

Avatar image for lamprey263

I kinda wish they'd release their arcade classics on XBLA, and they should keep releasing the Genesis games in collections on disc like they did already.

Avatar image for alkaline_DnB

it's celebrating another birthday? I thought the SNES killed the Genesis back in the 90s.

Avatar image for Jag-T1000

It is great growing up with NES,Genesis,and the SNES. You really appreciate video games more. You know how much games have evolved. If PS2 was your 1st system, you are too young to even care about this.

Avatar image for Wings_008

@ PS3x360 the 16-bit was more epic than the 32-bit cuz the N64 was actually 64-bit and the Saturn faded way too quickly the 16-bit was more radical imo

Avatar image for TexasAnMGrad2K

My vote goes to TJ&E, but I sure hope all of these titles make it to XBLA.

Avatar image for Zartan3000

Sega Genesis was my second console and it did rock! There's a collectors pack for PS3 of all the cool games of that generation. My original genesis is long, long gone. gunstar heroes rocked though.

Avatar image for Phased_Endo

Sega Genesis rocks, my first system.