Sega Genesis Collection hitting PSN in March

Sony announces new line of classic titles for PS3; available to PlayStation Plus subscribers for free and before nonpaying members.


Sony has already brought the NeoGeo Station to the PlayStation Network, but the publisher is not stopping its classic collection efforts there.

Sega Genesis titles invade the PSN beginning next month.
Sega Genesis titles invade the PSN beginning next month.

Sony has announced that beginning in March, gamers will be able to download six classic Sega Genesis titles from the PlayStation Network. The titles will be playable on the PlayStation 3 and have had trophies added to them.

Also, subscribers of Sony's upper tier service--PlayStation Plus--will be able to download the games for free and before nonpaying members, but only for a limited time. The original Sonic the Hedgehog kicks off the event on March 1.

The full list of titles, their availability dates, and prices are below.

PlayStation Plus Releases (free)

Sonic the Hedgehog: Available March 1-April 5
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: Available April 5-May 3
Streets of Rage 2: Available May 3-May 31
Golden Axe 2: Available May 31-July 5
Comix Zone: Available July 5-August 2
Altered Beast: Available August 2-August 30

Regular PlayStation Store Release ($5 each)

Sonic the Hedgehog: March 29
Sonic the Hedgehog 2: April 19
Streets of Rage 2: May 17
Golden Axe 2: June 14
Comix Zone: July 19
Altered Beast: August 16

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Not to brag or anything but I platnimed this game.

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Saturn I heard is hard to emulate due to what hardware the Saturn was.

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Where are the Saturn games, Sega? I for one would pay to see all 3 Shining Force III Scenarios in America. Sonic Jam and Fighters Megamix are also good selections to try.

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i for one like this... i don't like a whole lot of Genesis titles so now i will just be able to download the few i like and not pay full price for the Genesis Collection, PLUS since i have a PS+ account it looks like i will be getting some of them for free :)

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Why is this necessary? Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection: it comes with a ton more games AND trophy support.

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Free games only possible on Playstation Plus.

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You know, for a system with such a huge library, they keep releasing the same old crap collection after collection. The same can be said for Nintendo and their virtual console/anniversary editions games. Do they not even have a list of games that the systems gone by had released on them? Do they not hear from any fan aside from the same three they obviously listen to?

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@kavadias1981 Totally agree with you

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I've played these games enough now. Sega are milking the Genesis games to death. There are some amazing Saturn and Dreamcast games that I have still yet to see re-released. Where are those, Sega?

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As enjoyable as these sega collections are, I think the novalty worn off after sega mega collection plus (2005)! Instead of concentrating on re releasing the classics, concentrate on getting sonic 4 into a disc format!

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If you want these games, it'd probably be cheaper to buy the Ultimate Mega Drive Collection that was released a while ago.

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Mega Drive*

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Why do they always release the same games we all have.. i mean sure.. but.. why such a low offer, always, so limited, same with neo-geo, and so on.. it feels cheap.

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I'd like to see Aladdin some time. It's the only game I remember from the Sega Genesis, even though I played a PC port of it.

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I remember playing Altered Beasts on a Tiger handheld LCD. Now THAT's old school!

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My favorite ports rendered in HD would be: Shining The Holy Ark (Saturn), Panzer Dragon Saga (Saturn), PSO Episodes 1 & 2 Plus (Dreamcast), Sword Of The Berserk: Gut's Rage (Dreamcast), Berserk: Millenium Falcon (PS2) and Warsong (Genesis). Doom 3 Limited Edition (containing Ultimate Doom & Final Doom) would be nice, too. I could go on and on but those titles would be a great start. It'd be cool to see the King's Field series released as a complete collection, too (especially in HD). There was also a Project Altered Beast released on PS2 in Japan that'd be cool to check out. The cutscenes look wicked!!

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I agree the PS+ is the best $50 you could spend. Tons of free games every month across all genres, and early access to many things.

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I don't have a problem with these titles being on PSN, but I do suspect that anyone who is a big fan of SEGA's 16-bit offerings has probably gotten the games or a collection from somewhere else (XBL, Wii, on disc, etc). Not only are the disc collections cheaper (per game) but they can be moved between multiple systems. I personally prefer playing these older games in a mobile format than on a 37-inch television, so I look for them on the PSP or App Store on iTunes. Even GameTap has most of these games plus many others for a pretty low monthly fee. (A month is probably all the gameplay you'd get out of these games anyway.)

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same here goodman plus all of the batas we got to 20 bucks at game stop will get u the genesis games all classic too

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omg playstation plus is hands down the best 50 bucks ive spent in the past year. I was an early subscriber and since i have signed up, I swear no bs, I have gotten over 30 free games on the psn. some are psone games, some minis, and some really awesome freebies like Sackboy's prehistoric moves, Stacking, Wipeout HD, The sam and max games (all 5 chapters), not to mention ridiculous discounts on stuff I was already planning to buy, and on top of all of that, I get to download Qore every month and learn about all the new stuff, like bluray games, and I get to see Veronica Belmonts cuteness hosting it--free, and yes, I am TOTALLY going to get all the free genesis games. You can bet your bottom dollar I'll be subscribing next year!!!. No more 60$ XBOX live w/out freebies and lame deal of the week...

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comix zone!!!!! FREE!!!!!!!!!!

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Can't wait.

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whitejackel I want dreamcast games sony. ************************************************************* That's what I want, but I want SEGA to release it for the PS3 and XBox 360, the same way they did with the Genesis. The 4 game collection they are currently releasing sucks. I want at least 15-20 games on one Blu-Ray or 2 DVD's.

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Uuumm.. all those games were on the Sege Genesis Collection games (PS3/XBox 360) for $29.99. There is like 40+ games on it, including Phantasy Star 1 & 2, Vectorman, Shining in the Darkness and lots more. Why would anyone pay $5 for those games? That's a rip. Just get the Sega Genesis Collection. [url]<< LINK REMOVED >>[/url]

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umm who will buy this when they can get the store copy for 20 bucks?

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Sony. Keep the old hits coming. I am happy that the Wii isn't the only one with old console ports. Now make a call to Konami and get them to let you release old TG hits on the PSN. There were some great U.S. and especially Japanese games available for the old system. Y's I and II was especially great!

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Ah nostalgia..

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c'mon sony put some sega saturn and retro atari games on the playstation store dammit

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Ya know, how about doing some Sega Saturn stuff? Or at least just one game from that system? Like... Panzer Dragoon Saga. Just a thought. :)

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i have the ultamate collection already

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Great Stuff.

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If you don't have the ultitmate sega genesis collection then this is kind of nice. Since I do have that and the Playstation +. still kind of good.

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Very nice, keep these classics coming. I never owned a genesis, so this will be a nice chance to catch up.

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I want dreamcast games sony.

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I already have these on Sonic's Ultimate Genesis Collection. Give us some Dreamcast games!

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@Zackarias-313 That would be cool. Pazer dragonn 1 2 and saga Bomberman Nights Sonic collection(it was the best one)

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I have those games on SEGA Genesis that I run through a hardware upscaler. I don't need them twice. They're all killer games though and if you haven't played them yet, by all means do.

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I wish they'd release Warsong...AND some Saturn games would be nice, too...along with GOOd Dreamcast titles but now I'm just being greedy...

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I like Sega and oldschool but ffs cant they release stuff they didn't already compile a thousand times!. Bring on Dreamcast games and a LOT more of them.

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Forget about the Sega and Dreamcast games for a sec. Well, only a sec. I do want Adventure 2 on PSN sometime this year. But bring back Knuckles Chaotix. The only thing that's been remade on was Gamefly, lets get some console's playing that cult classic.

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It's good for old school nostalgia, but i tried to play those games after 20 years and it just don't hold up to my personal taste anymore, think i'm too spoiled with the modern generation of games to revisit old classics. A good addition would be the Ecco The Dolphin series, i just loved the feel of that game. Maybe they should release a complete Genesis collection with every single game in a Bluray. I know i'm asking too much, but hey, we can dream!!!

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How many re-releases of Genesis games does it take to get to the release of some Dreamcast games?

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Every time that I see there's going to be a "Sega Collection" of some sort, I get excited, thinking that "Collection" means like 20 games. I like most of the games here, as well as the addition of trophies and I may buy one or two, but we can do better than this. It's not like these games have large file sizes, and I can't imagine adding trophies is that difficult. Dare to dream, I s'pose.

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Well, this is really of no concern to me personally, as I already have pretty much the whole classic Sonic collection on the Wii Virtual Console, but is there a good reason why they're leaving out Sonic the Hedgehog 3?

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Sometimes... I don't mind milk if it tastes good. Sega has made a serious effort to make quality games in the past year. The more money they have, the closer they are to taking a risk such as.....cough*shenmue*excuse me...

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Yeah, Ultimate Genesis Collection is in the bargain bin for both 360 and PS3, and there's also a Genesis Collection for PSP that's been there longer ... and it's available on PSN for digital download for $16 and comes with 28 games. In fairness, Streets of Rage 2 is not in the PSP set.

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Pretty interesting, going to be nice to play some of these titles on my psp.

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You can already get these games and more it's called the Ultimate Sega Genesis collection, it's like $15 and it's on the 360 and PS3 I believe.