Sega Games On PlayStation 2?

Sega puts PlayStation 2 rumors to bed and Acclaim takes the fifth.


The Internet, known to be a breeding ground for unverified rumors, nursed another batch of unsolicited, unchecked bits of information recently, with stories of Sega supposedly planning to ink a deal with Acclaim that would let the publisher publish top Sega titles such as Crazy Taxi, Ferrari F-355, Zombie Revenge, and others on the system of its choice - namely the PlayStation2.

GameSpot News spoke with Sega's director of marketing communications, Charles Bellfield, to set the record straight. Any truth to the rumors? "None whatsoever," said Bellfield. He confirmed that Acclaim will not be publishing Crazy Taxi for certain and that while it's widely and publicly known that Acclaim holds the Ferrari license, Sega has not and is not making an official announcement now as to whether or not the Naomi board-based F-355 Challenge or a facsimile thereof will make its way into homes by way of Acclaim. Furthermore, upper-echelon Sega of America representatives told GameSpot News that "A Sega property will never go to the PlayStation2." End of story, according to Sega.

We contacted Acclaim representatives and asked them to comment on the Acclaim/Sega publishing agreement, both in terms of the PlayStation2 rumors and F-355 Challenge. They did not respond by the time of this publish, and they had earlier replied that they wouldn't comment.

We'll have more soon on Acclaim, Sega, and whether or not F-355 finds its way home.

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