Sega Gamer's Day: Sega Announces Bomberman Online for DC

Sega and Hudson are teaming up to develop and release a SegaNet-enabled version of Bomberman for the Dreamcast.


Bomberman Online

Sega of America has announced Bomberman Online for its Dreamcast console. The game is being developed by Hudson, and as the name suggests, it will include several network battle modes. According to Sega, the game will follow the same gameplay structure as the previous Bomberman games. Players can progress through different levels by strategically placing bombs on large mazes and ducking for cover. New to the Dreamcast Bomberman is a scroll feature on the individual maps, because the stages are larger than those in previous games. Additionally, Bomberman Online features five new stages and four modes of play, including hyper bomber, submarine attack, panel attack, and battle royal.

Bomberman Online will be released for the Dreamcast in spring 2001.

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