Sega Gamer's Day 2000: Outtrigger Planned For US Release

Sega announces Outtrigger for US release, complete with SegaNet support. Details inside.



Outtrigger is Sega's answer to arcade games like Capcom's Spawn and Midway's War: The Final Assault. In the arcade, Outtrigger is played with a joystick for movement and a trackball for aiming, not unlike the MadCatz Panther DC controller. Today, Sega announced a US release for the Dreamcast version of the game, which will feature online play via Sega's SegaNet service.

In essence, Outtrigger is one big deathmatch game. It can be played from either a third-person or a first-person perspective. The game's main draw is multiplayer, and the game will allow for four-player splitscreen multiplayer action, as well as online support via SegaNet, which will also allow for up to four-players. The game features a large collection of weapons, including typical first-person shooter style weapons, such as rocket launchers, grenades, machine guns, and flamethrowers. The game's online element will also allow players to form clan-like teams. When playing online in ranking mode, your points will go towards your team's overall ranking. The single-player mode is more focused on time-based goals, such as eliminated a certain number of easily-dispatched enemies within the time limit.

The Dreamcast version will feature exclusive stages as well as the ability to change the color of your character's outfit. Also, it will contain support for the Dreamcast mouse, which will surely give the game a very smooth, PC-like feel to its control. Sega has not announced a firm release date for the game.

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