Sega Gamer's Day 2000: Floigan Brothers Resurfaces

The long-forgotten Dreamcast game resurfaced at Sega's Executive Games Summit in San Francisco. New details inside.


Floigan Brothers was one of the first games announced for the Sega Dreamcast, but very little information has been available on the title until now. Sega of America showed a playable version of Floigan Brothers and took the game through its paces in a 3D junkyard. Floigan Brothers follows the exploits of Hoigal and Moigal Floigan, who must save their junkyard before it is overrun by cats. The premise is certainly unique, and so is the gameplay. Throughout the game, players primarily control Hoigal Floigan, who is the smaller of the two brothers. Much of the gameplay hinges on trying to coax Moigal into performing different tasks to progress the free-form quest. Teaching Moigal how to do things is an essential aspect of the game. For example, players must teach Moigal how to use a flashlight because he is afraid of the dark. Or, if players are unable to reach something on a roof, they can badger and pester Moigal until he becomes angry and throws Hoigal up to the roof. Visual Concepts is attempting to create a complex AI-driven character in Moigal. The character evolves throughout the game based on how the player treats him.

The game itself takes place in a massive 3D junkyard with several areas and secret nooks and crannies. Players can interact with just about anything in the world through onscreen prompts. When you approach an item or character, a set of commands assigned to controller buttons will appear onscreen, and the subsequent action can then be executed from those choices. In the game, players must solve complex puzzles and overcome obstacles in the process.

Visual Concepts will also include several minigames in Floigan Brothers, such as keeping birds from eating Moigal's seeds. The game will be released in February 2001.

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