Sega extends Platinum Games partnership

Japanese publisher confirms production on at least one more project from Vanquish, Bayonetta studio, but mum on additional details.


In October, Sega and Platinum Games shipped Vanquish, a high-octane third-person shooter directed by Shinji Mikami that ostensibly brought to a close the four-game deal the two companies signed in 2008. The critically--if not always commercially--successful collaboration also saw the release of the highly regarded Bayonetta, as well as MadWorld and Infinite Space for Nintendo's platforms.

Vanquish apparently wasn't the end of Sega and Platinum's collaboration.
Vanquish apparently wasn't the end of Sega and Platinum's collaboration.

Now, it appears as if Sega and Platinum Games have at least one more title up their sleeves. In a recent interview with GameStop-owned Game Informer magazine, Sega of America vice president of sales and marketing Alan Pritchard confirmed that his company will be extending its development contract with Platinum Games.

"We have a further title to announce from Platinum Games," he said in this month's issue of the magazine. Pritchard offered no other details on the project.

Platinum Games was formed in 2006 from the remains of Capcom's shuttered Clover Studio, which created such highly regarded hits as Okami, Viewtiful Joe, and God Hand. Counted among the studio's talent are Atsushi Inaba (producer of Viewtiful Joe), Shinji Mikami (Resident Evil creator), and Hideki Kamiya (director of Devil May Cry and Okami).

Sega has not yet revealed which of Platinum Games' talent will be directing its latest collaboration. However, an unlikely selection would be Mikami. Fresh off his role leading Vanquish development, the Japanese creator has since unveiled his collaboration with Suda-51's Grasshopper Manufacture, Shadows of the Damned. Further, Bethesda Softworks acquired Mikami's development startup Tango Gameworks in October.

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