Sega Drops Two

Two Dreamcast games disappear from Sega's upcoming game release list.


Sega of America will not publish Baldur's Gate and Illbleed for the Dreamcast. The fact that Baldur's Gate was conspicuously missing from Sega's E3 lineup served as a strong clue to the game's ultimate cancellation. Sega could not comment on the reasoning behind the decision.

The reason behind the removal of Illbleed from Sega's publishing list is a little clearer. According to a company representative, the game didn't fit into the company's upcoming schedule. Apparently, it has several AAA titles planned for release in the foreseeable future, and Illbleed was left out of this crowded publishing schedule. Additionally, Sega feels that Illbleed is a strong game and a third party would be better able to give it the support it deserves. At this time, no third-party publisher has stepped up to secure the rights to release Illbleed for the US Dreamcast.

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