Sega delays Chromehounds, Myst in Japan

Two of Sega's spring titles to be delayed by over a month to ensure quality; 360 and PSP games will now come out in June.


TOKYO--Two of Sega's anticipated spring titles will see a delay in Japan. The company today announced it will push back the release of Chromehounds for Microsoft's Xbox 360 from May 25 to June 29, and Myst for Sony's PlayStation Portable from April 20 to June 15. Sega has said the extra time is being used to make sure the games meet quality standards. No North American release dates for either game have been announced.

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and by the way sega has put out some humdingers here lately,,like sonic riders ,,c'mon they better do this right or they might be thru alltogether ,,i havn't played a good sega game in a long time,,,i hope they make this worth while,,and who cares about another myst,,geez it's run it's course let it go and yes i agree japan gamers don't want the 360 but several americans do besides japan gamers want wierd stuff like katamari,, and anything to go on the ps2 or ps3 ,xbox is all american and that pisses em off

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ok,,it's not going to be mechwarrior 5 but i say if it's going to be good deffinately clean it up before releasing and make sure it works looks good and plays well ,,otherwise it will just be another mech game that don't get played and i am with a kickin mech squad that is waiting for somthing like this!

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its never good news when a game is delayed for quality standards. always a bad omen... they should've lied and said the soundtrack wasn't finished yet lol

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From what I've seen in the screenshots recently vs the screenshots released at last E3, they need more than an extra month to get the game right. Those initial screens looked HOT. The recent screens look something like MA2 for the Xbox. As far as I'm concerned, take an extra year to get it looking like it did at E3.

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there Re- launching the 360 there??? why? dont they get it. Japanese ppl dont Want Microsoft they want Sony and Nintendo. stop sending out soo many consoles to a country that doesn't want it and focus on the ppl in OUR Contry that R still on Back-orders. Come On Microsoft!!!!

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Thank you for the quality!!

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hopefully this makes for a better game.

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Sega hasnt let us down yet with its 360 titles. If the great SEGA wants to push a title back for quality controle purposes, let them. They know what we want and how to get it to us.

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Chrome Hounds is already amazing looking i bet the game would like be great right now if they would have released it,but i they can make it even better that would be really kool.

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Yeah, the 360 needs some games that had a fruitful two-to-four-year development cycle, rather than these one-year throw-aways and ports. I'm glad to see some games delayed, as long as they USE that time to make the game better instead of wasting it and churning out garbage. Oh, and by the way, Chromehounds definitely has a single-player mode. Online isn't mandatory, but it does provide the added benefit of LIVE multiplayer, which rocks.

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so Chromehounds is online only game?. thats just grate.. theres a nouthere game i can't play becuse i cant get the 360 or xbox for that mater to work on my cable internet .. but do thay think of people like me that cant get on xbox live to get updates and play there online only games?.. noooo.. more and more i think i shudent have got a 360 at all.

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Will there ever be a game released on time.

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Who cares, Chromehounds looks like a gay Mechassault ripoff and Myst for PSP, I mean, who wants a myst experience on a tiny psp screen?

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It's delayed due to a re-luanch of the 360 in Japan.

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Nice to see myst on the PSP, but they could port a more powerful game for the PSP, MYST 3 for example.

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either way it will be an amazing game.

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Longer wait..... or better quality? I'll have to go with quality on this one. But honestly I didn't know Myst was coming to the PSP!

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I'm happy to wait .. quality is key. Just look at Oblivion for an example or Ghost Recon. No-one will pay

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wut da hell.....chromehounds was one of my reasons for xbox360, well itz a good thin im still waitin for ps3.

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what about the PSP games cuz I dont got a 360?

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Too bad its not being held back for quality standards but because of the "relaunch" of the 360 in Japan. << LINK REMOVED >>

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dam, i wanted Chromehounds too.

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its a mainly online mech clan game guys with an actual online campaign mode thats kinda like a persistent universe where you help out your desired faction rule the country. its definitely coming to US shores dont worry about it (hell, they showed a trailer about a month ago in full auto that was a couple months old to begin with.), so itll make it to the party albeit probably like september or something. i cant wait.

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Chromehounds looks pretty sweet, especially considering there won't be any MechAssault games coming to 360 anytime soon (if ever).

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Gosh I sure hope Chromehounds turns out to be good. Otherwise I'll be disappointed. It seems like a basic Mech game on the outside, but it seems like it's oozing with potential on the inside.

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Fine by me ... get 'em right before gold!!! Right guys?

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Hmm...would really like to see Chrome Hounds make it here soon, but I never disagree with products being pushed back to meet quality standards. Now, as long as the standards that need to be met are high, then I have no problem. If they meant that they need to push it back a month so that it is just barely playable (low quality standards), then I will not be pleased.

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yea thats good there pushing for quality.

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No release date for North America posted? I was really looking forward to Chrome hounds.