Sega bundling violent three-pack

House of the Dead: Overkill, MadWorld, and The Conduit bundled into one package for Australia and New Zealand.

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Sega has had some close battles with Australia's tough games classification regime recently, having worked on controversial games like MadWorld and most notably Aliens vs. Predator. Having built itself a library of games for the bloodthirsty, Sega Australia has decided to bundle some of its older titles into one pack, suitably named "Welcome to Violence."

Bundled into this gorefest is The Conduit, House of the Dead: Overkill, and MadWorld. The pack will be available exclusively in Australia and New Zealand from March 11 and will set consumers back A$109.95

Unfortunately, the copy of House of the Dead that comes in the Welcome to Violence pack doesn't include the popular light guns that came with The Bang Box edition of the game, though The Bang Box is still available.

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Awww... coudldn't Sega do the same thing for the States?

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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@Josha M Gard ..I second that opinion!!!

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I haven't played conduit or House of the Dead: Overkill, but I have played MadWorld and had a blast playing it. If I didn't already own Mad World I would consider buying this bundled pack if it came to the states. Also I think Sega should make another MadWorld, but that's just my opinion.

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Hopefully this gets bundled everywhere to play the Conduit online worldwide.

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ok nice, but what about america?

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If all these games were bundled for $50 like "Metroid Prime Trilogy", then that would be a bargain! Still, 3 games for the price of 2 ain't that bad.

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@ kiramasaki And why would they package it with Dead Space: Extraction? That game isn't a Sega product.

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lol the only way you can sell the conduit is to package it with good games ; had they replaced conduit with DS extraction then i would say great package

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bring it on over to the great States of American and gives us a package with some cool light guns

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Madworld and HOTD-overkill are must have for the wii. The conduit good game but not really a must have (COD4 relfex was much better with controls). Good package none-the-less.

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@R_evolution_Jay dude have you not played House of the Dead:Ok thats the most family friendly game on the wii :P

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Well you can't expect the Wii to succeed without third party support. I still haven't played Madworld but the other two is well suited enough as adult games. Not to mention so much cursing as you shoot through the monsters in House of the Dead Overkill. Anyway, it should be the classic games made for serious gamers to enjoy.

Avatar image for santaglause

come on thats a sweet deal i had a great time with mad world and house of the dead, i even have the soundtracks cause there top dog, haven't played the conduit yet but it's only 15 quid for the special edition in game.

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Lower the price a bit and i might consider it :) Might even dust off my 2 year neglected Wii!

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These are 3 really good games for the Wii, if you dont have them already, then there is no excuse.

Avatar image for R_evolution_Jay

So much for the family friendly Wii! lol, not that it's bad thing to have these games on the Wii!

Avatar image for Vin_LAURiA

I heard all of those games are "pretty cool but eh." Though a 3-pack of all of them at a single price probably would be a sweet deal. Hope we can see it Stateside.

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Cool. I presume this is for Wii.

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conduit isnt violent is it?apart from shootin and throw grenades at monsters

Avatar image for spawnassasin

sweet but to bad its not in america

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dang! i kinda want that...