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Sega bringing four more to Wii VC

Sword of Vermillion, Vectorman, Beyond Oasis, and Sonic Spinball added to list of Genesis games coming soon to Virtual Console downloadable game service.


It's a green plane! It's a bunch of giant flying peas! It's Vectorman!
It's a green plane! It's a bunch of giant flying peas! It's Vectorman!

The steady stream of new additions to Nintendo's library of downloadable retro games for the Wii's Virtual Console every week means an equally steady stream of newly revealed games for the service. While it has yet to finish off releasing its previously announced slate of first quarter releases, Sega today announced that four more Genesis games are making their way to the Wii in the near future.

The key words in this round of games are "action" and "role-playing." Vectorman is an action-heavy platformer known for its stiff difficulty, while Sonic Spinball uses the speed and surroundings of Sega's lead mascot for a frantic take on traditional pinball. The remaining two games announced today by Sega are a pair of action role-playing games that bookend the Genesis' lifespan. Sword of Vermillion was a first-year entry into the US Genesis catalog, while Beyond Oasis didn't arrive until late in 1994, after the Sega Saturn had already launched in Japan.

In addition to these offerings, the shoot-'em-up Bio-Hazard Battle has already been confirmed for release on the Wii Virtual Console by the end of March.

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