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Sega, Atari Classic Consoles Will Begin Pre-orders Soon

Micro consoles will feature built-in games, like Sonic and Mortal Kombat for Genesis, and Space Invaders for Atari.


New details have just been released for the Sega Genesis Flashback and Atari Flashback 8 Gold consoles. Pre-orders for both will start at the end of the month.

On July 28, both consoles will be available for pre-order at major retailers. There's no word on exactly when they'll be shipping, but creator AtGames says it will be sometime in Fall 2017. As for how much they'll cost, the company says more details are coming later in July.

Not unlike the success of the NES Classic Edition and the upcoming SNES Classic Edition, the two consoles come pre-loaded with many games. For the Sega Genesis Flashback, 85 games come preloaded, including many classic favorites like Sonic & Knuckles, Mortal Kombat II and 3, Phantasy Star II, and Comix Zone. You can check out the full list here. The system will come with 720p HDMI output, two Genesis-style wireless controllers, two controller ports for optional wired gamepads, and a save/pause/rewind feature for every game.

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The Atari Flashback 8 Gold includes 120 games, like Space Invaders, Kaboom, Centipede, and more (here's the full list). It also comes with 720p HDMI output, two Atari 2600-style wireless controllers, two legacy controller ports, and a save/pause/rewind feature for the games.

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There are several other versions of Atari and Sega Genesis consoles coming soon from AtGames too, including portable versions of both. You can check out the full product listing on AtGames' website, and follow GameSpot's coverage for the latest updates on a release date and price for the Atari and Sega Genesis Flashback consoles.

Meanwhile, Atari has revealed new details and images of its first console in over 20 years. Called the Ataribox, the company says it will feature a mix of current and classic gaming content with modern internal specs. You can read our full story here.

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