Sega announces World Series Baseball 2K3

The next Sega baseball game is coming next March for the PS2, Xbox, and GameCube.


Sega Sports has officially announced World Series Baseball 2K3, which will be coming in March 2003 for all current consoles. As with last year's World Series Baseball for the Xbox , Visual Concepts will oversee production of the game, and Blue Shift will be the primary developer.

World Series Baseball 2K3 will include a number of gameplay enhancements, including a jump button to enable dramatic home-run-stealing catches at the wall, dramatic running grabs in the outfield, user-controlled leadoffs and power swings, and offline throws. The franchise mode will extend through an unlimited number of seasons and will allow players to select a full coaching staff from a pool that includes managers, batting and pitching coaches, minor league directors, and scouts.

"Sega Sports' World Series Baseball 2K3 comes from a long legacy of quality baseball simulations that have been both entertaining and innovative," said Tom Nichols, vice president of sports marketing at Sega. "Building on last year's acclaimed Xbox release, Sega Sports' World Series Baseball 2K3 will deliver a host of exciting features, including classic ballparks, an all-new jump button, new awards, and the deepest franchise mode around."

World Series Baseball 2K3 is endorsed by the New York Yankees' All-Star first baseman Jason Giambi. Look for more on the game closer to its release.

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